Circadian Dice – Infinite Money with Any Class

Infinite Money Guide

  • Step 1: Have the Merchant’s Cloak
  • Step 2: Find an Archdemon
  • Step 3: Capture Him
  • Step 4: Restock The Shop
  • Step 5: Profit!


  • You are gaining temporal gold, so any profit you make is only for that turn (with some exceptions).
  • The shop restock cost can get very high after doing this, making it hard to repeat on another turn. Abilities that shuffle the shop, such as Imaginary Riches from the Illusionist, will give you the current restock cost in temporal gold due to the Merchant’s Cloak.
  • You cannot heal while you have the Archdemon captured, so replace or sacrifice him as soon as you can after exploiting the gold.
  • It is recommended to turn off the game sounds when you do this, as the coin sound stacks to its maximum, even at 1% volume.
Created by Beakerrr

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