Cities: Skylines II – How to Improve Performance (Low FPS Fix)

Tune your graphics settings to get the most FPS.

Introduction / Test System

Note: Credit goes to Kasoi

This guide is aimed to provide guidance on graphics setting in the game. Mark ones that have the most and least impact on performance so that you can tune your settings to get the most quality possibly on your hardware.

The game tested on the following configuration:

  • AMD 5800X3D
  • 64 GB RAM
  • RTX 4090
  • 4K Resolution

Quick Fix

  • Clouds Quality – Medium or lower
  • Valumetrics Quality – Medium or lower
  • Global Illumination – DISABLE
  • Depth of Field – DISABLE

Graphics Settings Impact

Baseline configuration:

  • Resolution – 3840×2160
  • Global Graphics Quality – Very Low

Baseline result: 181 FPS

  • Depth of Field DISABLED: BASELINE
  • Depth of Field HIGH: 125 FPS
  • Depth of Field LOW: 156 FPS
  • Global Illumination DISABLED: BASELINE
  • Global Illumination HIGH: 134 FPS
  • Global Illumination MEDIUM: 142 FPS
  • Global Illumination LOW: 148 FPS
  • Ambient Occlusion DISABLED: BASELINE
  • Ambient Occlusion HIGH: 167 FPS
  • Ambient Occlusion MEDIUM: 168 FPS
  • Ambient Occlusion LOW: 175 FPS
  • Dynamic Resolution CONSTANT: BASELINE
  • Dynamic Resolution AUTOMATIC: 121 FPS
  • Dynamic Resolution DISABLED: 121 FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing DISABLED: BASELINE
  • Anti-Aliasing HIGH SMAA: 166 FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing LOW SMAA: 164 FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing FXAA: 166 FPS (Possibly conflicts with Dynamic Resolution setting, needs clarification)
  • Clouds Quality DISABLED: BASELINE
  • Clouds Quality HIGH: 145 FPS
  • Clouds Quality HIGH: 150 FPS
  • Clouds Quality HIGH: 166 FPS
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