Click & Cum – The Earh 999999999 Achievement Guide

The “Earh 999999999” achievement is buggy and unobtainable. But I managed to do it anyway and I will share with you how it can be done.

How to Obtain the Earh 999999999 Achievement


If you decide to complete the game 100%, then you need to roll back the game to the previous version. For this:

  1. We launch the program “Run” through the search or through the key combination “Win + R”, it is by default in the latest Windows and drive in the command “steam://open/console” with which access to the console appears in the Steam desktop client.
  2. Using the command “download_depot 2298610 2298611 7700019635457742032” download the previous version of the game. In the console after downloading, the path where this distribution was downloaded is indicated.

Just in case you suddenly come in handy, I will decipher the command.

  • 2298610 – AppID
  • 2298611 – DepotsID
  • 7700019635457742032 – ManifestID
  1. We find the root folder in which you have the game installed and first delete all the files in it and copy all the files of the previous version to the folder. Just in case, I gave the command to delete progress inside the game and started all over again.
  2. Now you can get this achievement.
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