Evolution – Achievement Guide

This is a guide to describe the achievements of Evolution Digital and how to obtain them.

Guide to Achievements


Achievements in Evolution come in 4 categories.

  • Trait related.
  • Weekly challenge related.
  • General related.
  • Nobel Bearded Simian.

Trait Related

There are 46 trait related achievements. These take the form of Trait 1 – Trait 2 – Trait 3.

An example is Long-Neck-Foraging-Cooperation.

The achievement is awarded when you form a species with the 3 named traits and gather 6 food with the species. I am not sure if the species needs to remain the same once six food have been gathered or if the species needs to survive until the end of game. The achievement will trigger after the game completes – even if you didn’t win that particular game.

Easiest method is to crate a local game, against one or more Easy AIs. I preferred the Defensa Grandis opponent for the non carnivorous achievements, as that tended to not build carnivores to counter what was being worked on. For the carnivorous achievements, I preferred the Propagating AI as that gave plenty of prey to consume.

Weekly Challenges

There are 20 challenges associated with the Weekly challenges – these are noted by the Unlock keyword. To achieve each, win a gold level game and satisfy the win condition.

To date I have unlocked 2:

  • Unlock Uncooperative (Win without using Cooperate or Forager traits).
  • Unlock Hoarder (Win with 10 or more cards in hand).

As these are only available on a weekly basis, the complete set will require patience (at least 20 weeks worth).

Specific Challenges

Not having achieved these, I am unsure how to unlock them.

If you have an idea, I would appreciate your comments below.

They are:

  • Prolific challenge
  • Sabotage challenge.

Nobel Bearded Simian

Not having achieved this, I am unsure exactly how to obtain this.

My best guess is that it is awarded for a player who achieves Rank 1 (Nobel Laureate) in any given season.

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