CONCLUSE 2 – The Drifting Prefecture: Walkthrough Guide (Chapter 1: Edison)

This is a walkthrough guide for Concluse 2 – The Drifting Prefecture.

Chapter 1: Edison Walkthrough


I’m making this guide to help those in need in case anyone is lost at any point in the first chapter.

And of course, spoilers ahead.

Chapter 1: Edison

Step 1

Get quarters from bench and sunbed near water. Then use them on binoculars to get code for door near save point, Code: 346521. Go up light house to get fishing rod to get light bulbs key 1 and 2 from the water, last one is in a box near last water past code door. Grab paperclip on table behind where the box is to unlock box. Put all 3 keys in light house boxes and get transported to Twisted Port dimension.

Step 2

Grab vinyl when going down the hatch, go to left after crawling out of light house entrance to grab bulb key 1. Use fishing rod to pull platform down to cross. Play vinyl on record player. Code for door across 2nd platform is 457638. To power keypad go to the left of the door where ladder is and there is a power box. After unlocking the door there will be a special wrench on the back table, use them on the 2 yellow button machines back near the light house, then go to locked spiral door after grabbing it’s key from one of the machines. Godhead sanctuary key is in there, now you can open the door near save point. After pulling lever to lift giant statue use your fishing rod to drain the area, jump down to grab final bulb key. After making your way back a cutscene will happen where a monster will chase you. Go to the left of the lighthouse and there will be a ladder. Inserting the bulb keys will transport you back to your reality.

Step 3

Once back and you head down, you’ll be able to get a axe and walkie talkie. Making your way to the bar house near where you got the last bulb key, there is a boarded up path behind the bar that you can now open with the axe. There is a monster with a key behind it. Grabbing it you’ll be able to open the courtyard. To beat the boss you’ll have to hit him a few time’s and then use the fishing rod. After beating him you can head inside the hotel.

Step 4

Entering the Edison you go to the left of the front desk to grab a hairpin on the floor. Going to the right of the front desk down a hallway you’ll be able to unlock a restroom to grab a staff room key. Unlocking the staff room you’ll be able to grab the pool key to outside. Once you unlock the pool you can grab the camcorder on the right side of the pool. Heading back inside you can use the camcorder to unlock the area to the right of the front desk and pick up a note to initiate a cutscene.

Step 5

Getting the ‘433 Room Key’ you’ll need to head up the elevator in the same room you got it. Heading up the 4th floor you’ll interact with a phone on the side of a bed and be instructed to get 2 pillows and a plunger. In that same room grab the pillow off the bed and go to the bathroom and grab the plunger on the side of the sink. Outside near the elevators grab the other pillow and place it at the bottom of the door instructed. Then go to the room across the phone room and unclog the bathtub and head back to the phone room to be able to get the code for the briefcase on the ground. After getting the 431 room key you want to enter the door near the static TV and make your way to the fire place to grab matches to light the wood in the fireplace to save your game. After saving go to room 433 and interact with the TV to initiate the cutscene and get transported.

Step 6

Arriving in Ducky’s world, grab the gun next to ducky and proceed to his dungeon to the left side of the stage. You can save in there and enter the dungeon. This area is relatively easy to navigate so I won’t go into too much detail. After beating the boss in the dungeon, Ducky will come and kill you, don’t worry it’s supposed to happen. After respawning on stage. Go back to the save point and save your game. Next to the door put the clock hands on the door and set them to 7:30, this will unlock the door. After making your way to Ducky’s office, grab the magnum and head outside to the kids with signs and look up at the moon. The hint to shoot the moon is on one of the signs the kids are holding as well as the clock time. After shooting the moon, you’ll be transported back to hotel.

Step 7

Opening up the door next to the TV, you’ll want to press the button on the wall and go down the drained area in the room to grab the mirrored key 1. Proceed to the next few rooms until Michael gets frustrated and breaks the door open, once that happens head back to the locked door near the button that drained the area to get the key. Entering the room head to the left and grab a little flask and kindling. In the back of the machine there is little containers of Concluse that you grab with the flask. Once you get that return to the machine and operate it with all your ingredients. Once the machine pulls up the little bucket you’ll have the last mirrored key. Go back to where Michael first broke the door open and continue forward. Insert the keys and open the door. Before going take the keys back and insert them again in the next room to unlock the mirror dimension. Step into the mirror and go through the door to the right.

Step 8

Once in the mirror dimension just make your way back to the elevator that brought you up to the 4th floor. Once down there pick up the ‘Rom 437 Key (Mirrored)’ and head back up after the cutscene. Once you leave the elevator go to your left and unlock that room to get the bleach spray and ‘Room 439 Key’. Head back to room 433 and return through the mirror that you came through. Once you return to your reality go to the right of the fireplace and unlock the double doors to grab the basement key and initiate the cutscene.

Step 9

Getting transported to Twisted Ducky world your gonna have to input a code by touching green buttons on walls in each of the rooms that you have to open. The first button code is spawn, the first door to your right leaving spawn, the last door with the shelf button on it’s side and then going back near the furnace room on the right side of it. Go to the middle of the room and pull the lever. The second button code is the room to the right of the last door, spawn, then finally furnace. After that make your way to the mine cart and interact to go the boss fight. After initiating the boss cutscene you’ll have to shoot 5 rocks outside the arena to push a button that’s in front of a wall with a device on it. The button will be near the floor right in front of Ducky. Once pushed all you’ll need to do is shoot the moon and you beat the boss. Once you fall into Non-Existence, make your way forward past Ducky until you see a platform with a button on it. You will now be brought back to room 433.

Step 10

All you have to do now is go to the elevator and go to the basement. Once you spawn, go to the left and enter the Manager’s Office. Go to the desk and grab the sewer key and valve. Go past the save point and turn left to unlock and enter the area. Equip your fishing rod and grab the ‘Staff Quarter’s Key’. Go to the right side of the basement and all the way down to the last door. Inside will be a screwdriver and laundry room key. Unscrew the vent and grab the valve in that room. After an explosion will happen, forcing you to go down the hole. Proceed through and initiate a cutscene for another boss by going to left side of the final room. After beating the boss you’ll get the last valve. Head up the elevator back to the sewer room and press a yellow button to open a brick path. Put the valves on the 3 pipes and you’ll be transported to the twisted reality again.

Step 11

Walking forward you’ll have to pull a switch to open the way forward. Coming across a wall to the right of the room, you’ll be able to interact and walk through a wall to the next room. To your left is a save point. Walking a little forward to the right of the boarded up path you have to pull out your camera to unblock the debris, you’ll come back here later. Using the axe to break the wood you’ll want to pick up 3 mine hooks. The first will be to the right of the wood barricade, the 2nd will be in a cart and the final will be in a trash container at the end of the room. Then you’ll need a mine hook chain that’s to the left of the 2nd mine hook. Going to the end of the room you’ll be able to move a mine cart out of the way to grab a piece of meat to lure out a rat near the 1st mine hook. After placing it, go back to the place you grabbed the meat and then return to grab the mouse. Once you grab it, place it in the room across from where you used the camera and it’ll power the button where you grabbed the mine hook chain. Ride the cart to the next area and make your way down the mine shaft to grab a key. Once you use the elevator to go back up, go to the end of the room to your left when you exit the elevator. Inside will be a piece of paper with a phone number to call. Go back to the room you used the camera on and dial the number. Go back on the cart and go to the right and the next cart will be there. You’ll fall and land next to a pair of grinding soap shoes and be able to use the rail to cross finally. Go up the ladder and meet Kara.

Step 12

After the cutscene go down the stairs to initiate the dog cutscene. After that head inside the hotel now that’s it’s unlocked. You’ll be transported back to the twisted dimension. To your right is a save point. Going forward and to the right of the front desk you’ll take a left at the end of the hallway to see a wheel that you have to walk on to power the lever to the right of the room. Before touching the lever, go across the beam to the left and grab the ‘Gift Shop Storage Key’. Go back to the lever and pull it to go through the next area. Once you make it to the end of the last room there will be a gift shop door to unlock, it’s a giant white door and inside is another wheel generator. It’ll power a button in the room that has stairs leading to it beside the gift shop room. Inside will be a box with a thermos to be able to pick up Concluse from one of the barrels. Before going back near spawn, go to the conveyor belt to now be able to interact with the button to be able to pick up the generator key. Once you fill the thermos and go back down the hallway, to the right will be the generator. Unlock it and pour the thermos inside to power the elevator across the grind rails.

Step 13

Once upstairs on the 4th floor you’ll have to break the wood boards and grind across. Once across go forward to the control panel and interact, then besides that interact with the bin and re interact with the panel to enter the room. Inside is a save point, valve handle and the safe key. Talk to the monitor and then drain 5 pipes on that floor, 3 are where the save point area is and the last 2 are at the elevator and also as you go to do the pipe that requires the wheel to get there, go backwards first to grab a 3D filament box on the floor. After that go down the drained path by moving to the side of the grind rail, there will be another 3D filament box to the left as you go down the hallway. Once you make it to the other side, interact with the monitor again and it’ll unlock the door to the hallway. Use the computer in the room to unlock the door and continue to the control panel to unlock the next door as well. Interact with the monitor to reboot Horizon and now you’ll have to find 4 core chips. First you’ll have to unlock the rooms in the drained hallway to get 2 of the core chips down there. After getting all the keys and unlocking the rooms, the 2 core chips down there are in the ‘Nap Room’, that one is in the safe, and the ‘Bathroom’, that one is in the trash barrel of the right restroom, you’ll also want to go to the other restroom to get the other schematic if you haven’t already. The last 2 are on the level where the save point is. The first 3D filament box you get from the wheel is beside where you picked it up. And the last core chip will be after the painting puzzle you solve and will drop the last core chip near the grind rail. The painting puzzle is to the left of the grind rail and is boarded up, after breaking it grind across and you can do the puzzle. The solution is, ‘Mock Resurrection’, ‘The Feast Of The Turning’, ‘A Corpse Found Guilty Of Vile Acts’, and lastly ‘Sacrificial Meat Scarecrow’. Once you get all the core chips, install them at Horizon and you’ll get 2 items in the RPM room with the 3D printer. A plane ticket and a schematic for a crest back downstairs for the front desk to unlock it and get a key. Once you go back to the 1st floor and get that key, make your way to the conveyor belt room and a stairway will have opened up after draining the pipes from the 4th floor. Opening the door you’ll be in a airport and all you need to do now is insert your ticket and get on your way to South View Regional Airport.

Step 14

Arriving at the airport you’ll need two multiple key item’s and singular item. ATM cards that are quite easy to find and scraps of a plane ticket in the trash barrels, the last being in a open briefcase behind some podiums to the right of the airport, it’ll be the ‘Twisted Room 433 Key’. Once you’ve gotten all the ticket scraps and ATM cards you’ll be able to use the ATM. Once you go through all of them, make sure you save first. Then make your way to the vending machine to the right of the airport and a truck will appear behind a metal grate. Using the vending machine will get you tape for the plane ticket. After that you’ll have to run back to where you came in and insert your ticket to go back to the Edison. After returning go back to the elevator and grind across the rail. To the right of you will be the 433 room. Enter and you will see a massive room before you and a grind rail. Make sure you save and grind across. Once you make it across you’ll be in the 433 room. Inside is a save point. To progress you’ll to push a button to open some gates and go through them. Moving forward you’ll have to get 2 quarters, the first being in the mailbox as soon as you enter the new area and the last being next to the guy. After walking through it’ll close behind you and you’ll have to help a kid next. Behind you will be a valve you’ll interact with and it’ll make the other pipe spit out a wrench to help the kid fix his bike. After that you’ll be able to enter the Prefecture.

End Of Chapter 1.

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