PAYDAY 3 – Things You Should to Know

Just some things I noted. Maybe you’d like to note them too.

A Few Things You Might Not Know

Note: Credit goes to ttv.funneypurpledogthing

Cops Hate It When You Shoot A Gun!

If you fire a gun during the hostage negotiation phase, it’ll immediately end hostage negotiations and trigger an assault. Probably because they can hear the gunshots. If you have someone taking hostages, don’t shoot!

Door < Gun

If you’ve already gone loud, **** the lockpicking minigame. Shoot the door and it’ll pop right open- so long as it’s a door that can be picked.

Shotguns are “7+1” Capacity For A Reason

If you tap ‘r’ at the start of a heist with a shotgun equipped, you’ll be able to fit an extra shell in there! This is because you don’t have a round chambered when your mask is off, and putting your mask on chambers a round, causing a ‘vacancy.’

This means most shotguns will sometimes end up in a state where they can technically have one more shell put in them. Tap reload at random times to see if you’re missing a shell in your shotgun. Or don’t! I’m not a cop!

Tactically Reload….. The Thermal Lance?

You do not have to wait until the thermal lance goes out to refuel it!

This is, in fact, a lot * slower, because the drill has to reheat!

When it gets LOW, remove the tank and pop in a new one. This keeps the drill burning, and makes your heist end faster.

Diamond Scanners Do Be Quirky Though

The diamond sorter on Dirty Ice won’t start sorting the next batch of diamonds until you pick up the current set in the tray.

Pick up the set in the tray, or you’ll be waiting for an hour, not realizing what the issue is.

Burning Glass Does Not Have A Smell

Unless they can see YOU DIRECTLY, guards and cameras won’t necessarily get suspicious of the enormous cloud of sparks coming off of your glass cutter on certain heists. When it comes to this, think of yourself as a floating head: if the guard can see your head, they can see all of you. If they can’t see any of your head, they probably can’t see any of you.

This means you can sidle right up alongside certain windows and burn them open while guards are next to them, and the guard will not notice the horrible sizzling noise.

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