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Guide to Items

Ready to gear up for the Old World? Here’s the ultimate loot list you gotta check:

Grab almost anything from the shop when a new day kicks off. But hey, some hosts got this glitch stopping them from buying stuff, so double-check your host can actually snag items before you rehost.

Everything you need is out there in the Old World (‘cept for stuff not used in-game).

Toss your gear into the diving bell, and it’ll tag along with you. Neat, huh?

Skip the Emotes: They’re just for laughs, no real use.

Lighting Gear

  • Old Flashlight: Your basic, kinda lame flashlight. It’s cheap, so it’s okay for a quick fix.
  • Flare: Lights up with a red glow, perfect for messing with your buddies. Once it’s lit, it stays lit.
  • Modern Flashlight: Packs a good battery life and bright light. Covers a wide area.
  • Long Flashlight: Like the modern flashlight but with a tighter, stronger beam.
  • Modern Flashlight Pro: The upgrade you want – insane light, insane range.
  • Long Flashlight Pro: It’s like turning on the sun. Bam, blinding light.


  • Goo Ball: It’s a grenade that slows down everything it hits with goo. Safe and fun.
  • Reporter Mic: Budget boom mic, kinda okay for recording stuff.
  • Boom Mic: Cranks up the volume and makes everything super loud. Great for filming.
  • Sound Player: Play some tunes or freak your friends out with weird noises.
  • Stun Stick: Zap! Freeze anything in its tracks.

Medical Kit

  • Hugger: Show some love, heal your buddies.
  • Defibrillator: Bring back teammates from the dead.

Misc Stuff

  • Party Popper: Celebration time! Also works as a makeshift projectile.
  • Bones: Creepy but cool.
  • Radio: Jam out with tunes.
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