Content Warning – Failed to Extract: How to Grind Views

What is This Error?

Content Warning records actual video on the camera, and as such if the video somehow gets corrupted or some other weird issue occurs than when attempting to extract the footage you will get “Failed to Extract” and will instantly get the view quota for the day as well as the ad revenue money it would have received.

Here is how to intentionally trigger it.

  1. Grab the camera.
  2. Start recording, and immediately afterwards end the recording.
  3. Repeat this until you run out of footage, you’ll want to spam record in order to ensure it doesn’t get extracted.
  4. If the game starts lagging, slow down your recording spam.
  5. When you run out of footage, enter the dive bell and dive down. Immediately submerge afterwards.
  6. Attempt to extract your footage, it will take a few minutes until it gives the fabled error.

I should note that this “Failed to Extract” error is known. I would advise avoiding spam recording when you’re trying to play the game as intended, but if you just want to grind views this will do the trick.

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