Contract With The Devil – Faster Than Fire Achievement Guide

How to make unlock Faster Than Fire achievement, if you struggle to normally.

How to Obtain Faster Than Fire Achievement


Faster Than Fire achievement in Contract With The Devil is a tricky one because of three reasons.

  • Items combinations – yuo have to look for items to combine them and then click on the combined items. It takes more time than it is necessairy because of the next point…
  • Animation delay – it’s a big one. Upon clicking on a hidden object, you are locked for a few seconds until the animation eds, then you can click on the next item.
  • Inconsistent hitboxes – that’s pretty self explanatory.

There’s however a pretty easy way to obtain the achievement. It might seem a bit of cheating but that’s nothing compared to SAM users. Anyways, here goes…

Leave the HOD Scene and Go Back for the Achievement

Yup, it’s simple as that. Locate most of the items, then at a few left, go back and click on the remaining items. The timer resets whenever you re-enter the HOD scene so it’s actually quite easy achievement. Just not everyone might realise that.

Created by Noxbi

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