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This isn’t a mission, really — but if you’re around the Collapsed Department area, you’ll see a single Maneki-neko Statue guarding a locked door. Find eight Maneki-neko, or cat, Statues and you’ll be able to redeem a prize.

How to Find All Cats

Cat 1

This is a multi-part Cat. To grab it:

  1. To to the Basement Lab (floor 0, Warehouse elevator) and turn on the Valve found in one corner.
  2. Go to the Warehouse ground floor and turn on the shower in one of the yellow buildings. The cat will spawn in the same room.

Cat 2

  1. From the Astral Collision Control Point, turn right and head straight and down; you should see a Golden Cube near two beams.
  2. Grab the cube and launch it at the toilet stalls around the corner.
  3. Head to Collapsed Department CP and head into (and up) at Data Processing. Look for the nearby toilet block that’s merging with the Astral Plane.
  4. Launch the Golden Cube into its corresponding spot and you’re done.

Cat 3

First, this requires 8 total Nail Cubes. Be careful to stay in the area so you don’t despawn/respawn the cubes:

  1. Spawn in at the Cave Bridge CP; one is right beside you and three more on on the ground floor to the right of you. (4 cubes total)
  2. The next is on the ledge across from the CP. (5)
  3. The next is on the walkway to the left of the CP. (6)
  4. The next is in the Hidden Location to the left of the last Cube. Break through the crystals and don’t go too far in to grab it. (7)
  5. The last in the room just past the puzzle. Be careful not to go too far when grabbing it (8)

With all pieces collected, place them in the nearby grid on top of squares marked with cat paw prints. The statue will spawn when complete.

Cat 4

Start at Collapsed Department and make your way to the far-right path to Crossroads. You’ll use a series of small ledges to get to a ledge quite close to the nail. Once there, look inside the cardboard box.

Cat 5

Again, start at Collapsed Department and make your way into the Data Entry area. Look to the right and find an office with a painting in the centre of a wall. Break through that, then repeat in a second room to find the cat.

Cat 6

Head back to the Warehouse. There, head to the elevator and take it to the highest level (6, Upper Warehouse). You’ll notice there are four red Hiss Clusters as you head upwards. You’ll need to melee all four of them in one journey.

  1. The first will be against the wall that corresponds with the elevator door.
  2. The next will be against the wall to your right.
  3. The next will be against the wall to your right.
  4. The final one will be — you guessed it — against the wall to your right.

Cat 7

Head to the Astral Tower PW Control Point and then over to the platforms directly ahead of you. Shoot the crystals in the centre to reveal a Golden Cube. Then, take the Cube ahead of you and destroy another set of crystals to reveal where the Cube needs to go.

Cat 8

This is in the VERY dark Chasm area — the same one you did the TV-focus Found Footage mission.

Grab a torch, go through the door (not the hole) and jump past one gap into a large combat space. There, look for a small hole in the wall blocked by rubble, then remove the rubble and jump in. The final cat is waiting for you alongside a lovely document about Ahti and a teddy bear.


Go to the Collapsed Department, through the door and to the left. On the last bridge cats will wait for you.

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