Cooking Simulator – How to Completely Ruin Your Kitchen

A simple and easy walk-through guide on how to destroy your kitchen in Cooking Simulator!

Step 1) Buying The Blowtorch

Buy a blowtorch from one of the boxes for 100¢:

Step 2) Turning On The Blowtorch

While holding the blowtorch, press the “e” key to turn it on:

Step 3) Starting The Flame

After turning on the blowtorch, throw the blowtorch on the ground. To do this, hold and then release the middle-mouse button. Afterwards, a small flame will begin to form:

Step 4) Throwing The Gases

After the flame begins to form, grab a gas canister with the left-mouse button, and then proceedto throw the gas into the fire: 

Step 5) Watching The Destruction

Now, watch as your kitchen dissolves into pure chaos:

Created by Walruz

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