Crossout – How to Get Access to Plastic Raid Earlier

Guide to help you access plastic raid once you are engineer level 10, but still struggle to get to a powerscore of 4000.

Understanding What It Takes

In order to play plastic raids, you have to be engineer faction level 10 minimum, and also have a minimum powerscore of 4000. If im not too wrong, when considering doing plastic raids, you should have around a 55 part limit , and probably a power score around 2400-2800.

What Your Build Probably Look Like At That Point

Since you are checking this guide, I guess its safe to say you probably have a low power score build, something that look like this picture: Dont worry, even with this low ps build, you are a step away from grinding plastic!

The Actual Trick

The trick is easy, and can be used most of the time, it is inexpansive (may cost you around 15 in game coin, or a little more) but nothing too expansive, especially considering 1- you can craft the required part for the trick or just buy them since they are not too hard to buy, and you have acces market at that point of the game anyway.

Long story short, you put a ♥♥♥-ton of radio on your armored vehicule in order to artificially jack your PS.

But… why? the answer is simple: radios weight almost nothing and have a power score of around 60.

conclusion? you put 15-20 of them and jack your ps by 1000 easily. Some part , such as bumpers, may jack your ps, but they weight around 100+ kilo while radios only weight around 36 or less, so you bury your car with radios and you are good to go!


Yes, you may have to get carried a little bit while you do your plastic raid with such builds, but hey I guess you still have guns on your armored car.

Make sure you do some damage to the ennemies in the raids, try to do your best and you should be paid some plastic. 100 plastic can be sold for around 30 in game coins or more, so your radio investment will be quickly paid back , especially if you only do raids with the daily gas they give you. Once you do 10 of those in a week, you unlock 150 engineer badge, a thing that will help you in your quest to get your first purple weapon create.

Note that this radio trick can also be used at other stage of the game, like for entering hard raids with a 8000 ps, or even clan wars, but the clan option is a no go , you will get wrecked. And hard raids are harder so its probably a good idea you stick to plastic for a while.

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