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What is CULTIC?

  • CULTIC is a horror-flavored retro shooter, with a focus on tight gunplay, open-ended combat, and environmental interactivity.

What is the story of CULTIC?

  • In CULTIC, you are a disgraced detective who dug too deeply into a string of grisly crimes. You find yourself immersed in a nightmare, fighting against the ranks of an insidious cult as you shoot, slash, blast, slide, dodge, and maybe throw a chair or two.

Who is making CULTIC?

  • CULTIC is being developed by Jason Smith as a solo project.

Which platforms will CULTIC release on?

  • The initial release of CULTIC will be on PC only. Other platforms will be explored after all chapters are released.

How long is the game going to be?

  • CULTIC: Chapter One contains 10 maps and Survival Mode. Players can expect between 3 and 5 hours of playtime for this first episode, depending on their pace and thoroughness, not counting additional playthroughs on other difficulties or time spent in Survival Mode.

What is included in Chapter One and what is to be expected from Chapter Two?

  • Chapter One begins the player’s story, and takes them through cult-controlled territory across 10 maps, including some boss fights. Chapter One also includes Survival Mode and a few maps for it.
  • Chapter Two is expected to be at least as long as Chapter One, and will continue the story.

Are you planning any further content releases after Chapter Two?

  • Chapter Two will wrap up the story that begins in Chapter One. Additional story content has not been confirmed at this time.

Are you planning to release the game in Early Access?

  • No, CULTIC will not be participating in Early Access.

Will CULTIC have Multiplayer?

  • CULTIC’s initial release is single player only. I would like to look into co-op content in the future, but this will be determined after Chapter One release and based on the development timeline, and players’ interest.

How much does Chapter One cost?

  • You can get CULTIC’s first chapter for 9.99 USD / 9.99 EUR / 8.99 GBP.

How much are the next chapters going to cost and what will be the game’s full price?

  • Chapter Two is expected to contain roughly the same amount of content as Chapter One, so the cost would likely be in the same range. A decision on this will be made closer to Chapter Two’s release.

Which languages is the game going to support?

  • CULTIC is currently available in English. However, we are planning to add more languages after the initial launch. We will inform everyone once there is news regarding this.
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