Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair – Magical Girl Miracle: Monomi Equipment Collection Guide

This is the guide to collect all Equipment in the Magical Girl Miracle ★ Monomi game mode.

How to Collect All Equipment


There are three types of equipment: weapons (sticks), head armor (ribbons), and leg armor (underwear). Each piece of equipment has different stats, and some grant passive abilities.

  • The Magic (MAG) stat increases the strength of the Magic Circle attack.
  • The Strength (STR) stat increases the strength of the Whirl Attack.
  • The Defence (DEF) stat effects how much damage you take from enemies.
  • The USAMI stat lengthens the duration of Usami’s transformation.

Useful Equipment

The most powerful equipment pieces in the game are Seventh Sea Hope Rod, Autumnal Hope Ribbon and Hope Cloth Beam 1000. However, in order to quick collect all the equipment, Old Man’s Grass Skirt is more useful than as it increase the drop rate of present boxes.

Equipment Drop Stage


It is advised to run through all stages in Easy or Normal first to get access to all stages and obtain Old Man’s Grass Skirt as soon as possible. If not, grind it at Stage 1 Hard. Then grind Stage 5 Hard to obtain the strongest equipment.

For each stage, it is only recommend to finish the first few waves only, because tougher enemies or boss doesn’t really have higher chance to drop present boxes, so just restart the stage after clearing the easy enemies in a group.

It is easier to grind for for certain particular equipment in Easy or Hard mode, but not Normal mode, as each stage in Easy and Hard modes usually allow to drop 5 x 3 = 15 types of equipment, while Normal mode drops 8 x 3 = 24 types of equipment. It might be better to grind at Normal at first, and switch to Easy or Hard later.

After obtaining the ideal equipment for grinding, I suggest calculating the desired drop rate of each stage using the following formula in order to speed up:

  • No. of remaining desired equipment of a stage / Possible no. of equipment in a stage.

For example, you now own Red & White Headband, Bunny Ears Headband and French Twist Ribbon. For Stage 1 Easy, the drop rate is (15 – 2) / 15 = 86.7%, for Stage 1 Normal, the drop rate is (24 – 3) / 24 = 87.5%, for Stage 2 Easy, the drop rate is (15 – 3) / 15 = 80%. In this case, it would be ideal to grind at Stage 1 Normal first.

Estimated Time

It would take around 2.5 ~ 3 hours to obtain all the equipment if you use the above strategy.

Please be reminded that this game has no autosave, so please save once in a while after you have obtained several new equipment before continuing to grind. My first grind was down to 1 equipment before my game crashed and I had to do it again.

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