Darwins Trash – Events Guide


There are a variety of event you’ll rapidly hit upon whilst playing the game. here’s a few that i’ve seen so far:

The Chest:

  • Gives you a choice of one of two random items when opened.
  • Usually are very beneficial upgrades, but can be ignored entirely if you don’t want either item.
  • The game threats that taking these items is a negative thing but I’m not sure if there is any actual effect from taking them.

The Miner:

  • hey merry christmas you’re a pebble now
  • Move diagonally along the yellow boxes to collect coins. Certain ones are worth more.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to also head towards one of the boxes at the bottom which are open-ended. Achieving this counts as “winning” the minigame, and you’ll get to keep the coins you’ve collected.
  • Not winning means you get nothing, simple as that really.

The Shopkeeper:

  • Like The Chest, but you can acquire both items on offer
  • Items cost money, but again you can simply leave if neither item appeals to you.
  • You get achievements for both leaving without buying anything and for buying both items.
  • kind of a mixed bag event tbqh, i usually get better stuff from the chests.

The Fairy:

  • Does one of two things
  • If you’re at full health, she will offer a HP increase for money
  • If you’re not, she will heal you to full health for a very tiny amount of money.
  • Always worth grabbing the HP upgrade if its available, tbh.

The Blacksmith:

  • Upgrades a random item in your inventory
  • Entirely optional, though frankly I don’t see why you would bypass it if you have the money since these are rarely negative.

The Jumpscare:

  • Likely the first negative event you’ll encounter
  • As the name implies, it does a spooky scare at you and takes away a random amount of health from you. As in, it reduces your maximum.
  • As far as I know, this is only temporary for the following fight, and upon winning said fight you regain it all back.
  • Mostly a minor annoyance as a result.

The Cursed Chest:

  • Rather than giving you anything, this chest spawns a monster that will take a random item in your possession away from you.
  • You cannot get the item back, it’s gone for good.
  • There’s PROBABLY a status effect on an item you can get which will prevent this from happening? Probably?? I’ve never seen anything that would potentially do so though.
  • Not usually a massive setback in my experience, but more of an active issue than the jumpscare event.

The NPCs:

  • Sometimes you’ll come across monsterfolk that don’t wish to fight, but merely talk at you very fast and then ask you a question about something they just said.
  • These questions are always yes/no questions about a specific fact of what they just said, usually stated near the beginning of the speech for the sake of making it fairer on you.
  • Pay attention when they come up and they won’t be much of an issue, not that I’m exactly aware of any inherent negative effects from answering them incorrectly.

The Toll:

  • Sometimes you will come across a lovely lad who will kindly state that they will kill you unless you pay 10 coins.
  • They are not bluffing. Pay the 10 coins.
  • There MIGHT be a chance that not paying will let you proceed anyway but I’ve not gotten it enough times to find out.
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