Demonologist – Good Or Evil? Hidden Achievement Guide (Completing Suzie’s Story)

A short guide on how to get the hidden achievement ‘Good Or Evil?’ upon completing Suzie’s story that came with the Bedlam update in Demonologist.

How to Obtain Good Or Evil? Hidden Achievement

To Start Things Off

The very first thing you need to do is to purchase the Penthouse.

Read the first note in kitchen next to the sliced bread, then go to the master bathroom to unlock the secret room by saying ‘Time’ to the blank wall beside where the towels are. Read the note inside, return to kitchen, check if there is a new note there beside the stack of books with an alarm clock on top, read it to activate the mirror secret room the next time you enter Bedlam. (I presume that new note is already there upon the Bedlam Update).

First Trip to Bedlam

Go to the 2nd floor toilet, easily accessible from the flight of stairs upon entering from the main entrance, go all the way to last cubicle, face the wall and say ‘mirror’ to reveal a hidden room, grab the key off the table. (cafeteria office key). Then return back to the penthouse.

Returning to Penthouse

You’ll be going back to the Penthouse often to unlock the next note to read before going to Bedlam again.

2nd Trip to Bedlam

Outside, go to the little house on the far right. Once inside, on the left, grab the knife on top of the crates, then go into the asylum to the cafeteria located on the first floor, on the extreme left end when you enter from the main entrance. Interact with the door to cut the ropes to enter the cafeteria. Unlock the door inside which reveals an office. Go back to the penthouse secret room again to read the updated note.

3rd Trip to Bedlam

Enter the office inside the cafeteria, go to the bloodied wall and say ‘Death’. A secret room will open, read both notes on the left and right, then go back to the Penthouse secret room and read the next note.

4th Trip to Bedlam

Go to Thompson’s office on the first floor, right side when you enter from the main entrance. The office will have a sign saying ‘Thompson’ above the door. Grab the key from his desk, then go to the basement. Basement door is located beside the defunct lift right next to the stairs that’s in front of the main entrance. (Most people easily overlook this)

Unlock the cell door with no name on it and say ‘Cloud’ to reveal a secret underground room with a chest. Input Moon Sun Moon Moon Sun to unlock it and grab the key inside. Return back to Penthouse again to read the next note.

5th Trip to Bedlam (for the Good Ending)

Go to the little house outside again, use the key to unlock the basement doors, take the book then go back outside to the courtyard area in front of the main entrance and place it on the statue to activate the cut scene for the good ending. (achievement should be unlocked at this point).

Alternate Ending (Bad Ending)

For the bad ending, do not interact with the statue outside and just take the book back to the penthouse and Suzie will leave you a new note saying that she lied to you and she was actually evil the whole time and she needed the book to make herself stronger and exert revenge on the people who put her in the asylum.

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