Overwatch 2 – How to Remove HUD

A very short and simple guide what to do.

Guide to Remove HUD to Make Better Screenshots

The Trick

Im not gonna waste your time and keep it short, here it goes:

Just hold ALT and press Z (ALT+Z).

Of course if your living somewhere with Z and Y keys switched it will be ALT+Y instead.

This will remove the HUD and it works in the main menu as well.

To get the HUD back just press it again. (ALT+Z) / (ALT+Y).

Bonus: You can do this in Control Gamemodes to remove the score view that comes inbetween rounds after a team captured one point. This will allow you to shoot everyone since most people dont know about it.

If it still does not work or you want to change the keybind

As shown in the picture.

Go to settings –> Controls –> Interface and scroll down. It is at the very bottom called TOGGLE UI.

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