Demons Roots – Achievements Guide

Non-Story Achievements Guide

Note: Only non-story achievement will be listed!

04 Destroy the Demon

  • Fight all the demon in the prologue ( when you control the kids).

05 Commander Slayer

  • Beat the commander in the prologue (basicaly the knight commander wearing an orc head).

06 Treasure #1

  • Talk to everything at the market, one of them is a gem

07 Treasure #2

  • Same as 06 , one of them is a helmet.

08 Forest Item

  • Hidden passage in castle town western district.

11 Hidden Room Unlocked

  • Go to the spot shown below, interact with the wall to reval the hidden room (the image shown is after the room was revealed).
  • Same floor prison you were thrown into.

15 Magical Organisms Defeated

  • Second floor of the castle.

16 Hidden Fortune

  • Hidden passage below the chair.

18 Fort Hidden Room.

  • There should be a cracked wall on B1 in the fort in the direction that polca is facing in the picture below . once interacted with, it will disappear and reveal a path.

24 Cave Gem

  • In shingana border forest map, the north path in the picture leave to the cave, find a gem and collect it.
  • Note that this cave is also the place where Lace treasure is.

26  Scam Avoided

  • Talk to the merchant in plana (cant remember if it a specific one).

33 A Gladiator’s Stubborness

  • Follow down the stair to collect a cache of fang.

40 First Dragon Defeated

  • Kill a dragon in tolkia, only try it at higher level.

41 Fafnir Defated

  • Kill fafnir, a fatter dragon deep inside ,only try it at higher level.

42 Heavenly Falls Hidden Item

  • Second cave after you rescue the queen, interact with the wall  that polca is facing (exact position is unknown) and a rope will appear (the rope only appear after interacting with the correct tile). Climb the rope to collect a spear.

49 Hidden Key

  • In the supervisor room shown in the image, the key is use in the research lab to open a passage.

50 Hidden Save 

  • Before confronting sarasa  interact with the crack.

52 Eight Units Defeated

  • Fight 8 units.

55 Hidden Room Discovered

  • It located in the direct corridor where you fought knight rowan.

65 Weapon from Another World

  • Interact to get the shotgun skill.

Place / Item of Interest

The following is a list of items or places that are not part of the story or achievement but may be worth interacting.

One of the book in the library about luck give a luck gem.

Revisit where Lilly was imprisoned in tortas to get a spirit soul gem.

Revisit where polca was imprisoned in tortas to get a  power fragment.

The Farm has a hidden spirit soul gem (collect all the vegetable).

After finding meibus with refugee in the shinagna map, return and talk to toderia for a spirit soul gem and 2 power fragment.

This merchant in bohelos may sell 2 useful key item and Dragon D.

In Tortaos prison there is a short cut in the map after the map where polca was imprisoned.

After defeating macho gorilla in the forest in the merchant town, talk to him again to get a spirit soul stone.

Go back to the barracks after the defense of bohelos, there be two fragement near knight rowen.

Common Question

Where is the locked chest in bohelos?

In the tent in the picture below.

Where is the NG+ content?

Accessible from the house left side.

Locked chest in shinaga fort

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