Digimon Survive – Routes Guide

Route Related Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Cow

There are a total of 5 routes in the game.

The screenshots shows the moment where you decide between the routes, except for the truthful route.

My Stats in this Screenshot were: Moral 28, Wrathful 26 and Harmony 27. Because Wrathful was my smallest stat, I didn’t get the option for the Route and got a different text.

Some achievements can be done in different routes, while some achievements are route-exclusive.

RouteHow to Access
Moral RouteChoose “Save the world” and have Moral as your highest or second highest stat
Harmony RouteChoose “Be True to My Friends” and have Harmony as your highest or second highest stat
Wrathful RouteChoose “Stay with Agumon” and have Wrath as your highest or second highest stat
Truthful RouteOnly possible on New Game+. You will need to have enough affinity points with ryo for him to survive. I think it was 30 points
Bad RouteChoose your stat with the lowest stat, leading to the Bad Ending. It does not have any achivements

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