DJMAX RESPECT V – How to Get Started

Hi and welcome to a VERY SHORT Guide on how to start playing DJ MAX. Very basic. Very conforming. Very short. Very informative and very ensuring.

How to Get Better for Beginners!

First of all: Practice!

This game is all about practice. If you are not familiar with these type of games, I recommend starting with 6 Buttons (why on this later) in Freestyle mode.

Check for easy tracks 1-4 stars and play them all. Don’t get frustrated, your goal for now is just to get through.

You didn’t go to GAME OVER screen = You won. Do not care about precision, as precision comes naturally over time, you will never take care about this. Just play to make through. Once you get familiar, which might take time, you will start trying out songs with more stars. Just don’t give up. Usually you will be playing 5-6 stars already after 10 hours. That’s all the magic. Your muscle memory will kick in and your brain will start realizing patterns when playing and your fingers will totally from alone make the beat.

Also I recommend trying out with playing with Controller, if you feel better with that. Its personal preference.

Again: Don’t give up. Practice makes perfect!

After a while you can try making no breaks (start at 15-25 hours) and slowly start from bottom (easiest) again.

If you hit 50+ hours, you can if you want go over to missions. Why now? Because the missions have mixed button settings, and I recommend always starting with 6B version, the reason for this is you need muscle memory and if you play for the first time (or after a very long break) it is recommended starting with 6B to make your first brain synapses in 6B style. This will help you much more than if you would start with 4B or 5B* first. 4B is really easy, even on high levels, and 8B is hardcore. 5B is a mix, and a unicorn since its not symmetric, some people hate 5B so I would recommend skipping it in general until you play missions.


This game is all about practice. It takes time. The first 10 songs will feel crazy. But you will soon realize that you are getting better and better.

Now have fun. (I have played 1000+ hours DJ max on PSP and I really hated myself for starting with 4B as it became boring early, and made the transition to 6B really hard. But yeah, if you should really hard struggle with 4B after 20 hours, you can still go back to 4B, but I tell you, the game is intended to be played in 6B mode, other than that obviously feel free to play the game the way you enjoy most, some people like easy mode, if that’s you, sure stick with 4B, but if you are average or above (which really most people are, not only beatmaniacs, than start and try out 6B first!)

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