Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – How to Get All Endings

A simple guide on how to get every ending.

All Endings Guide

Good ending

  • Salvage every animatronic and don’t go bankrupt.

Bad ending

  • Don’t salvage any animatronics.

Mediocre ending

  • Do not buy anything and make sure that the Faz-rating is at zero.

Blacklisted ending

  • Have a liability risk of at least 50. You can increase it by buying and placing items with risk, such as Lefty, the Deluxe Ball Pit, or the Gravity Vortex

Bankruptcy ending

  • Lose all of your money by paying lawsuits.

Insanity ending

  • Buy the Egg Baby (Data Archive) and place it in the restaurant. During the night shift, turn off the monitor and then hold the power button with LMB.

Lorekeeper ending

  • Play the Security Puppet mini-game three times, go through the gap at the bottom of the screen in Midnight Motorist lap 4, complete the Fruity Maze mini-game without a game over, and salvage all of the animatronics.
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