DOOM Eternal – Achievement Not Unlocking Fix Guide

Boot fix on Windows 10.

How to Fix Achievement Not Unlocking Issue


This achievement fix will reset your Doom Eternal profile to level 1 (As the method deletes all the data that is related to Doom Eternal saves on your PC).


After a lot of digging in Doom files I have found a solution to the problem that some of us have.

All you need to do is:

  1. Disable cloud saves in Doom Eternal. (Right click on Doom Eternal –> Properties –> Turn off Cloud Saves)
  2. Locate your Doom Eternal Saves on your PC (Usually: %USERPROFILE% \Saved Games\id Software\DOOMEternal\base)
  3. Open your computer –> in search bar type: 782330 (open the one related to Doom Eternal), and delete everything that is in said folder.
  4. Boot fix for Windows 10: Boot the game (also if the game does not start for you – remember to right click on your steam –> properties –> compatibility options and run the app as administrator + you can also switch it to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode –> worked for me).
  5. Enjoy your Doom Etenal achievements.
Created by Firefly

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