Door Kickers: Action Squad – Useful Tips and Tricks

This guide aims to provide players with some tips and tricks for DKAS. I tried to make the tips applicable to any class and not include tips that might only apply to max level players.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shooting snitches to get them to stop. (use a weak weapon).
  • Explosive barrels can open locked doors.
  • Dogs move the fastest out of any enemy and will bark when alerted.
  • Breacher is the best class for “clear hostiles” missions as there are 0 hostages. No risk of collateral damage!
  • You can jump over the bullet from the HP Rifle enemy before it reaches you. This requires good timing though! As soon as you see the green laser sight, jump up!
  • In order to make an enemy drop a human – shield, simply move back and they will drop them in order to pursue you. Seems a bit dumb if you ask me!
  • Suicide-Bombers can damage other enemies and will blow up from other explosive sources.
  • Detonator dudes have a chance to stay alive once they have been shot enough. They will lie on their stomach with their finger on the trigger still, keep an eye on these enemies!
  • If your strategy bar is maxed out and you dont need anything immediately, place a medkit somewhere in the level that you are likely to revisit. You never know when you might need some extra HP!
  • The armoured enemies will follow you if you go through a door that leads up or down. You can use this to gain the advantage on your opponent and even lead them into a trap!
  • If you die but come back to life via the extra life powerup, you will still lose the 3 star rating.
  • You can walk over glass to look down into the room below, same goes for looking horizontally through a window pane. This can provide vital info.
  • The “Year – old Twinkie” Gear Item that the Off Duty Guy can bring is incredibly useful, albiet situational. It provides you with a 5 second window of invulnerability. (You can also get 2 Twinkies instead of just 1 by upgrading ODG’s “Gear Bag” Perk tree.
  • You can use the sniper to effectively eliminate enemies that are behind locked doors, floors below or above you, next to hostages, or even taking cover!
  • There are often at least 2 ways into a tricky room. If the enemy is alerted to the front door, then enter through the back!
  • Taking cover behind objects is a very underrated mechanic which i often forget to do. When fighting armoured enemies without a boomstick or other powerful guns, taking cover is highly recommended. Be aware that the armoured enemy types (In Chapter 4 and onwards) will also take cover!
  • Cheesy as it is, entering a room via a door only to leave half a second later will provide valuable information for that room. AKA enemy types and quantity, hostages and if any bombs are present. If you leave the room too late, you risk being detected and shot by the enemies!
  • Recon, Shield and Agent Fergie are NOT very viable for any chapter after 3 – Red Alert. Armoured enemies simply take too long to kill and the perks of the 3 aforementioned classes are more beneficial in Coop. (In my opinion) Breacher is the go to class for any level which features little to no hostages.
  • It takes approximately 10 seconds to Defuse a bomb, however it is much faster with another player helping!
  • If you approach a snitch from the left, he will run right. If you approach him from the right, he will run left. Use this knowledge to approach him safely as he may run into a room full of enemies!
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