Package – 100% Walkthrough


  • Death: Click the down arrow

Go home

  • Death: Open the box in inventory

What’s there?
Open the delivery

  • Go towards the gate
  • Police: Call the intercom 3 times

On the bunk
Be arrested

  • Enter the yard
  • Go left
  • Pick up the cup
  • Break into the house
  • Pick up the sign above
  • Search the closest → flash drive
  • Back to the front of house and right
  • Police: Look out window twice
  • Climb through the window

Enter through the window


  • Talk to grandpa and listen to 3 stories
  • Death: Listen to a 4th

Sleeping Beauty
Listen to too many stories

  • Leave this room and the next
  • Go up to the living room
  • Talk to Bell and Gama
  • Go right twice
  • Talk to Youtube-Chan
  • Death: Touch the doll can 3 times

Kept touching the can

  • Enter the basement on right
  • Examine the blue ball

Dead or Alive
Find the frozen criminal

  • Use the eye icon for a secret room
  • Go back to the hallway and left
  • Go upstairs


  • Enter the left bathroom
  • Pick up the microphone
  • Click on the towel

Steal a towel

  • Leave the bathroom and to the right
  • Pick up the poster
  • Talk to Sato
  • Enter reception above
  • Talk to Major
  • Leave and to the left
  • Enter the 2nd room
  • Use the eye icon → key
  • Police: Enter the 3rd room without knocking

Break into a ladies room

  • Knock on the 3rd door to enter
  • Talk to Mishka

Secret Rooms

  • Head back to the basement and the hidden room
  • Examine the photo
  • Pick up the cap below the tv
  • Use the eye icon → sugar
  • Talk to Youtube-Chan for wings
  • Tell the kids to be quiet by mentioning Syava
  • Go back to the kitchen for your wings
  • Death: Eat the wings in inventory

Proper nutrition
Ate the wings

Golden domes
Find all the ways to be arrested

  • Go back to the library and talk to Grandpa
  • Listen to 3 more stories
  • Ask about Neura
  • In the previous room touch the lamp in the middle
  • Talk to Neura 7 times

Naughty pig
Be insulted a lot

  • Pick up the flowers

Puzzle completed!
Find all the hidden items

Final Items

  • Now head back upstairs
  • Into the 3rd living room
  • Deliver the wings → key (this isn’t actually needed if you broke into the closet earlier)
  • Back to the reception
  • Deliver the sugar

Hand washes hand
Story Achievement

  • Talk to Syava – make sure to ask about sisters and Anni

Learn about the 4 sisters

  • Go back to Grandpa
  • Listen to 1 last story

Attentive listener
Listen to all of the stories

  • Ask about Syava and Anni
  • Go to Youtube-Chan for the book
  • Hand over the flash drive → Hype Book
  • Before handing the book over, remember everything in your inventory

Remember everything
Found and remembered all the hidden items


  • Now we are at the end game
  • Back to Syava, give her the book → key
  • Back to the stairs
  • Open the middle door
  • Fail: Give Anna the parcel

Were you able…?
Give the wrong person the parcel

  • Use the eye icon
  • Enter the wardrobe above
  • Death: Touch the yellow ball

Virus… deleted
Be erased

Curious barbarian in the bazaar nose…
Find all the ways to die

  • Talk to Anna and deliver the parcel

Meet all the family

Do not deceive me!
Successful delivery

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