DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Tips for Fighting a Raider

Tips for Fighting a Raider

Note: Credit goes to Tekken 8 When?

From my experience, the ‘vanish behind’ doesn’t work against most special moves the Raider does with silly hurtbox frames being included around the Raider’s body. Usually its best to just dodge whatever attack they do normally (Minus the burst attacks from both lvl 3 Cell and Frieza, can only mitigate damage taken then) The range for it is pretty close, I’m gonna guess around 30-40m?

Ideally as the survivor you wanna go in for the Melee as the Raiders (especially at higher level) can deal a lot of DPS with the regular ki blasts and if your on the rare chance at being a higher level than them, they can’t clash with you anymore. (Stealth Nerf to Raider from what I can tell as in Closed they could with anyone) but its easier said than done of course to get close enough to do so. The best thing overall is to try and react and counter with well timed dodges when they attack.

If you have cooldown drinks (2 normals or 1 super) drink while transformed, you’ll be able to instantly transform again when you run out (When vs the drink when you run out and in red shield when likely hit, saves you against any slowness, like from being hit into a wall and such.

And as Jorhughes13 said, always have an escape plan and start making it happen if you can’t transform again and your nearing the 100 mark. If your not going to be able to escape, go as high as possible so the Raider has to wait longer for you to fall down before they can finish you, sometimes those extra seconds count.

Challenging either raider to a ranged fight 1v1 is gonna get you dog walked. Spamming your ranged basic attack drains mode and leaves you open to their super.

If your level is under the raider and they caught you run. The time to use ki blasts is when they are preoccupied with someone else, or to snipe them 2 or 3 times from extremely far away with your own super.

Plan is to stall and get out alive. Getting close enough to get stun locked or tracked after you grapple out of there ain’t the goal.

If your level is the same as the raider, constantly vanish diagonally towards them and go for melee. If they try to super you will interrupt the animation, if they melee you clash, if they whiff then you can punish them.

If you keep dodging their ki blasts constantly they generally get frustrated and go for super or melee.

If your level is above the raiders you can stunlock them entirely by yourself.

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