Drift.Wav – How to Get the Backwards Pro / Backwards Expert Achievement

Backwards Pro / Backwards Expert Achievement Tips

This guide will help you how to get the Backwards Pro/Backwards Expert achievement.

  • Step 1: Launch Drift.wav (the game)
  • Step 2: Choose any car and gamemode you want
  • Step 3: Press “S and D” or “S and A” to go backwards (you need like 20 metres of distance to do this)
  • Step 4: Once you completed Step 3, press S and you will earn money.
  • Step 5: To not lose control press A while pressing S to go right, and if you want to go left, press D while pressing S.
  • Step 6: Done. You need to earn $50 (in-game) for Backwards Pro and for Backwards Expert, you need to earn $100 (again, in-game)
Created by Kernel Jones

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