Soulstone Survivors – Curse Beastmaster Build

Showing my build I use for farming curse 48 on BM class.

Build Image

Skills Description

For this build I use the following skills:

  • BM epic weapon (the purple quality, final tier craft), both skills- Spider cocoon & Spider queen
  • Sugar rush (seasonal achievement skill)
  • Battle moose
  • War tiger
  • Bestial wrath (buffs you and beasts)

The last 3 listed are the prestige character-specific skills from 20/50/70 I believe are the minimum levels to unlock.

Replace either moose or tigers with exorcism if you are doing overlord/infinity mode continuation at end of match for healing. This also applies to if you are doing the seasonal achievements- you WILL need the healing.

Sugar rush I do feel is necessary because in higher curse you need to be moving to avoid the purple wraith dude that will kill you otherwise. BM movement speed is pretty slow but SR allows you to be very fast.


  • Weapon expert (gives both skills at start)
  • Efficient extraction (extra resources)
  • Skill mastery: holy (use for exorcism if you are doing more than 1 round/requires paladin leveling)
  • Surefooted (less damage/resist)
  • Ready for battle (active skills only for 1st 5 levels)
  • Lord’s bane (increased damage per lord alive)
  • Harmony (increased summon damage- applies to all your beasts)

Notes About Passives:

  • Use banish on all defensive skills (example: armor, block, leviathan)
  • Prioritize direct damage increases to your active skills
  • Make sure to take the magnetic skills for easier resource pickup
  • Take health passive if doing more than one round
Created by GothicCatMom

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