Echoes of the Plum Grove – Quick Guide to Pillars


Unlock Requirements

Once you wrap up that lost locket quest, you’re gonna find yourself in the basement of Astra’s house. And guess who’s waiting for you down there? Timothy Tweed. He’s gonna hit you up with a proposition. He wants you to tackle those pillars hanging around so he and the other ghosts can finally get some freedom.

The Pillars

Farming Pillar

  • Collect 26 crops
  • Donate 30 gold star crops
  • Donate 30 gold star animal products

Fishing Pillar

  • Collect 28 fish
  • Donate 30 gold star fish
  • Donate 10 lobsters

Crafting Pillar

  • Donate 30 crafted resources
  • Collect 58 craftable items
  • Donate 10 crafted placeables

Foraging Pillar

  • Collect 56 foragables
  • Donate 30 gold star foragables
  • Donate 10 gold ore

Cooking Pillar

  • Learn 50 recipes
  • Donate 20 gold star meals
  • Gift 30 gold star meals to different villagers

Social Pillar

  • Make 10 friends
  • Get married
  • Complete 30 quests
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