Abiotic Factor – Gameplay Tips for Newbies

Here you will find answers to questions that players have during gameplay.

Tips to Gameplay

How to defeat security bots CPU

  • Pechary club plus a lot of dying and respawning plus shooting it with half a million crossbow bolts.
  • Electrical traps.

For example

Just set up some electric traps, bring the bot up to them, let him step on them, and then attack in melee. With the spear you can hit it for about 4 hits with enough time to retreat, or 5 hits if you have a shield and hold block right after the 5th hit. Just drive the robot around the fountain with shield up, lead it to the traps when they recharge, rinse and repeat the actions.

Glowing orbs

  • In order to catch you need to use test tube.
  • Then you can use it to manufacture fertilizer. To view the recipe, you might need the necessary skills.

How to levelling stealth fast

  • Check your perk list and the newly added sandbox settings.

What to do with coworker encounter

  • See if you can locate an email discussing “him” on a terminal. He likes stakes. Feed him well and he may poop you something special.

How to break down the broken computers

  • When you move the mouse over it, an icon appears. The “Break It” icon is that.
  • As in the game trailer, you press it until the bits fly out. It would be best to use a desk leg for it, as they are readily available.

Misophonia explained

  • The Misophonia setting covers eating and drinking sounds primarily at this time. I believe there may also some other high-pitched sounds that are muted.

How to create a new character

Characters, abilities, and other game data are saved on a server-by-server basis. Thus, rather than loading the game, I would advise the host to just start a new one. When you load it, the character’s skills and inventory should be brand-new. You can always modify the way something looks by going to the main menu.

Also you can open save folder in the game loading screen. It has all the .sav files for the game, and a folder called PlayerData. I would imagine If you know which file is the one you want to delete, you can clear the character for that world.

How to use workbench

When I decide to set up a new base, no matter how big or tiny, I manually make new ones. Workbenches are somewhat hefty, and there is a carry weight penalty. Establishing a primary base is a much simpler task. Initially, at least. Eventually, I think having multiple bases or a single, highly central base would be ideal. However, I hardly ever have to build something that calls for a workbench if I already have all the necessary supplies on hand.

Ammunition is the most frequent item I need to make, and even it has increased in price recently. Especially because the most common enemies you will come across at this stage can eat up half a stack of crossbow bolts.

How to unlock new cosmetics

Perhaps you can find things throughout your exploration of the Facility.

How to make soup

  • First, you gotta get your cooking skill up to level 3. You can either cook raw stuff or choose a class that starts you off with cooking experience.
  • Next, you’ll need a cooking pot. You can find one lying around or craft it. Crafting needs staplers and metal.
  • Fill up that pot with clean water. You can get it from different sources, but the water coolers are your best bet.
  • Now, plop that full pot on a stove or a makeshift one powered by electricity. Time to throw in your ingredients and cook up some tasty soup!
Pea Soup: Peas, Salt
Goulash: Pest Rump, Pest, Salt
Meat Stew: Pecarry Chop, Alien Drumstick, Pest Rump
Tomato Soup: Tomato/ Super Tomato, Salt
Sustenance Soup: MRE

Better way to get water

You will get a blueprint for water filter later on, which is 1:1 ratio for dirty and clean water. Just grab a bucket and start loading it with dirty water. You need refined carbon which you find in cases in the labs. Else its hydrochloric acid, computation brick and barrel for the recipe.

Where to find Antique Shotgun?

The Antique Shotgun is in Containment Block: DIRAK, which you access by getting a Level 3 hacker and hacking the door in Labs. Go to the second or third floor and enter the yellow room. Fall through the floor, hack the console, then go through the newly opened door.

Once there, the Antique Shotgun should be your last door on the left/right. Ammo is stored separately, however your easiest access to ammo is going to be in the Office Sector. Head to level 3 of the Office Sector and right before you enter Silo 3 there is a Level 3 security door on a balcony in the top right. Do some parkour to reach it and there should be shotgun ammo in it.

How to defeat the military as a solo?

Guns are rather disappointing to say the least right now, extremely weak, in my opinion at least.

My style has been melee 90% of the time with some range from time to time just for the sake of levelling accuracy & reload.

Your weapons and armor will play a huge role, F.O.R.G.E. Armor set shines against them because of it’s set effect of bullets bouncing of you if you want a more head-on approach and just tank everything.

If you don’t have that armor yet, you gotta be nimble. Dodge those bullets, keep moving, and try to stay out of sight as much as possible. You’ll wanna pick off enemies one or two at a time.

Once you’re up close and personal, go to town on ’em quick. I’m all about spears for that extra reach and speedy attacks. They might not hit like a truck, but they get the job done.

Oh, and don’t forget a shield. It’ll save your bacon when you’re caught out in the open. Just don’t rely on it too much, ’cause those things break quicker than cheap glass.

When you’re making your move, go for the sneak attack if you can. At higher sneaking levels, you might even drop a soldier in one hit without tipping off his buddies. If that fails, at least you’ve softened ’em up a bit.

Of course, use any method you prefer, any weapon you prefer, I simply more or less explained how I personally deal with them solo up against multiple soldiers at once. But if it doesn’t suit you, just experiment and see what suits you more.

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