ef – the first tale – 100% Walkthrough Guide (All Endings)

A walkthrough for all endings.

Complete Walkthrough with All Endings


The game has 4 non-canon endings and one canon ending.


  • Choose “Follow Miyamura”

Save 1 at the choice between “Check up on Kei” and “Just go home”

  • Choose “Check up on Kei”

Save 2 at the choice between “Go out and see Miyako” and “Work comes first”

Non-canon ending #1

  • Choose “Work comes first”

Load save 2

  • Choose “Go out and see Miyako”
  • Choose “Don’t worry, be happy”

Save 3 at the choice between “I can’t just ditch Kei” and “Stand by Miyako”

Non-canon ending #2

  • Choose “I can’t just ditch Kei”

Non-canon ending #3

Load save 3

  • Choose “Stand by Miyako”

Load save 1

  • Choose “Just go home”
  • Choose “Go out and see Miyako”
  • Choose “Find out what’s happening”
  • Choose “Stand by Miyako”
  • Choose “I can’t betray the film club”

Save 4 at the choice between “Ask” and “Hold my peace”

Non-canon ending #4

  • Choose “Hold my peace”

Canon ending

Load save 4

  • Choose “Ask”
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