The Surge – Stutter Fix / Auto-Set CPU Affinity on Launch

The Surge is one of those games that doesn’t run well with CPUs with more than eight cores. It’ll stutter like crazy. This guide will help you set up a batch script that runs when the game launches and automatically sets the CPU affinity.

The script runs hidden and closes automatically so you won’t have to worry about closing a command prompt window.

Batch Script Setup Guide

Note: Credit goes to Alakratt

For this game, only disabling the first core (CPU 0) works. This has been tested on a 13900K. This has eliminated my stutter completely, so far I haven’t had a single instance of it. I’ll update this post if that changes.

  • Create a windows batch file with the following line in a text editor, like notepad.
%comspec% /C start /normal /affinity fffffffe TheSurge.exe
  • That’s seven Fs and one E
    • fffffffe disables just CPU 0, ffffffff eight Fs enable all cores
  • Save it, name it what you’d like, for this example I’ll name it launchwaffinity.bat. Include .bat at the end of the name to create the batch file.
  • Place the batch file in the game’s install folder.
  • Back in Steam, in the game’s launch options type the following
<path-to-batch-file> %command%


"D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Surge\bin\launchwaffinity.bat" %command%
  • Click Play and (hopefully) enjoy!

Note 1: The path to the batch file in the launch options needs to be wrapped in double quotes (“example”). This is to escape the spaces and slashes, there are other ways but just do it like this ok.

Note 2: The equivalent can be done in linux, instead of a batch it’d be a script. As for %command%, I don’t remember if it’s the same in linux.

Note 3: I did not have to set a compatibility mode, nor set the launcher(s) to run as admin, nor anything else, just this.

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