Elite Dangerous – VR Tips

Tips for VR Players

General Tips

  • Learn how to fly and all control first.
  • Save the control layout file from the game folder for each configuration for easily switching between mouse/keybord and hotas controls.
  • Same for graphic configuration for easily switching between screen and vr. You will be not be able to play VR with the same settings as the regular screen play.
  • For VR, supersampling will kill performance.
  • For VR Look to change the HUD color from orange to a more eye friendly color like green or light blue. ED HUD mod will help with that.
  • Most controls can be triggered by the ships UI.
  • Functions like extract/retract landing gear or activate/deactivate the ships headlights or nightvision are not time critical and can be used via the UI.
  • IIRC the standard binding for the saitek/logitech joystick binds all buttons needed for the UI navigation (with left/right & up/down on one hat, and with UI focus, select & exit to buttons).
  • All time critical functions should be on stick or throttle.
  • Controls like fire weapons & countermeasures, target selection, leaving/entering frameshift, ect…
  • IIRC those are also predefined in the standard binding.

Bonus Random Tips

  • However its possible to use a camera screen shot view to attach it to your characters face witch then enables the 1st person view witch can be done anywhere on foot to explore the game world.
  • Combat with on foot guns can be used in many different camera angles in VR.
  • You will have to follow the gun shot fire rounds to hit the enemy target.
  • There is no Hud witch is why i do it this way.
  • If your fighting in a on-foot conflict zone and cant see witch enemy to shoot because you don’t have a visible Hud as i explained previously.
  • Then you might say well how’s that going work with no visible Hud?
  • In VR everything is scaled 1.1 witch means you can see the smallest details at distance.
  • All you need to do is look for a small red light located at the bottom of an enemies back.
  • Your Ai team will have a green light instead.
  • You can also look at the movement of your team and use them as cover as it will help you to not get shot as much.
  • With no Hud you will get shot more.
  • Voice attack can be assigned to recharging your suit’s energy cell and health so you NEVER need to leave FULL VR on foot again.
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