Firestone: Online Idle RPG – Amulet Tier List (Patch 7.6)

This short guide will show you Amulet tier list after the patch 7.6 for Firestone: Online Idle RPG was released.

Tier List

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Important note

With new patch the game received:

  • Presenting the rare War Machine items. With the new “Tools” resource, you can now make your War machine more rare.
  • included the Amulet of Tinkering, which boosts tool creation.
  • Fresh Mercenaries. Now, Warrior Anzo is open to joining your group.
  • To add more components to your “Favorite war machines,” you can now select them.
  • The likelihood that your war machines will activate their ability has increased with the addition of the new variable “Overdrive.”
  • Your war robots’ qualities in the arena will rise with the addition of a new variable called “Mechanical fury.”
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