Espresso Tycoon – Tokyo Level Tips

Tips for Tokyo Level

Pause the game when first starting off and start setting up what you need. Complete any tutorials then buy the cheapest chairs and tables possible. You just want some places for people to sit.

Buy the second tier of coffee machines. This will let you get milk froth and make latte art. Try to have two barristas on hand at least at the peak times. Look for any available for 12 hours shifts. Avoid cleaners and handyman for now to save money and do stuff yourself manually.

Buy some decos to get your style points up. Look for the most efficient decos, you want the most points per dollar. Sockets require upkeep but customers want them and they give a decent amount of style points for each one so they can let you boost your style points up a bit. Check how many style points you need for each level and try to get a few multipliers if possible but don’t blow too much $$ chasing the next level. If you want to be really cheap, spam multiple types of napkins everywhere. Can’t beat 2$ per point. If you put up too many, customers will start complaining about repetitive decour I believe but not a huge issue.

Pay off as much of your loan as possible. Interest is pretty high. You can always take out more money later if need to spend. Also, you can sell decorations for full value if you find yourself needing cash for something urgently. Don’t blow too much on starting supplies, get enough to get going.

Create coffees for every status group. Add the ones that you think will make the most money for now until you get to second golden bean to open up more slots. Goal should be to get every status group to 100% and as many temporal trends up as well to get extra money for tips. Also make sure to research snacks ASAP, they make a ton of extra $$ for you.

Golden beans will give you a nice cash boost whenever you hit a new one. Use that money to pay off loans and the like. Upgrade your staff when you have free money on hand to do so. Use challenges when possible, some are really trivial as they can scale really, really well.

When you’ve got a good flowing shop and other mission objectives done as much expenses as possible (cut research budget, staff training, deco buying) etc. for a day and try to get to $1000+ profit. Check finance window to track money. If you get $1000, then you just need to get 15 customers into your shop on the new day. Maybe try advertising and hope you get a big lineup of people at peak hours. This is probably hardest thing in the scenario lol.

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