Kainga – How to Unlock All Secret Technologies

This guide will show you how to unlock all of the game’s secret technologies. This guide wont include technologies that have an easy-to-understand unlock requirement such as “Win with a specific Thinker”.

Lamba House

I think this one is unlocked by building a lot of homes on top of elevations though I don’t recall how I got it. Try building elevations off the edges of cliffs and then putting homes on top.


Build a lot of homes (exact number unknown) around and within your hearths own radius. So only withing your starting area.

Mushroom Hut

Produce a lot of mushrooms, I recommend placing down 15-20 mushroom logs and letting your braves farm for a while.

Gosanke Harborhouse

Unsure about this one, there are nomads using this very house in the pebbles biome so that’s likely where you’ll get it.

Featherwing Coop

Spawn with Frilled Houses and have wind blow into them. I recommend starting in The Flatlands biome and building a very wide city so there’s a greater chance of the wind bumping into one of the Frilled Houses.

Firetower Hearth

Another one I’m completely clueless about, I’ve tried winning a few games as different thinkers without expanding using banners but it doesn’t seem to work.

I suppose it could also mean it doesn’t want you to pick up more than 2 technologies from the ground which is the minimum amount you need to win, will try that later.

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