Exoprimal – Vigilant / Roadblock / Krieger Exosuits Guide


About the Exosuit

An exosuit that excels at delivering long-range fire. Requires excellent positioning skills and accuracy.

  • Role: Assault
  • Primary weapon: Sniper rifle
  • Health: 350

Subsonic Burst

Fires a 3-round burst from your sniper rifle. Shots may be charged and fired when Railgun Charge is active. Left click for a 3-round burst. Hold right mouse button to zoom in, zooming in allows you to use the Railgun Charge.


Uses the recoil of your rifle to jump even higher. Press [Space] while in the air (In the middle of your first jump).

Frost Lock

Fires an icy cluster that freezes foes. Press the Q key on the keybaord to hurdle a giant snow ball.

Stinger Shot

After charging, fires a powerful railgun shot that pierces foes and cuts through enemy lines. Press E on the keyboard to fire the railgun ability.

Barrel Breaker

Converts all accumulated Hi-Xol into sniper rifle energy. Press [Left Click] to fire high-output railgun shots without charging. When fully charged, press the Z key on your keyboard to activate the overdrive ability.

Railgun Charge

A charged railgun projectile, passively charges after each fire. Hold right mouse button to look down your scope, charge the power of your projectiles, and fire with the left mouse button while still holding the right mouse button.


About the Exosuit

A heavyweight exosuit with supreme durability. Its shield increases the team’s survivability.

  • Role: Tank
  • Primary weapon: Giant shield, Melee
  • Health: 1000


Unleashes a punch from an enlarged armored fist. [Left Click] to perform melee attack

Shield Blast

A forward shield thrust that sends enemies flying. The more enemies hit by the shield, the stronger the impact. With Ballistic Wall deployed, [left Click] to bash enemies in front of your

Skid Dodge

Performs an evade. Use [W][A][S][D] to change direction. Press [Q] to perform this ability.


Draws the focus of enemies in front of you by banging on your shield. Also causes enemy exosuit AI to malfunction, hindering their evasiveness. Press [E] to perform this ability

Storm Drive

Generates a tornado that sucks in enemies by using your shield’s thrusters to make you spin rapidly. When fully charged, Press [Z] to start spinning, then press [Left Click] again to launch the tornado and blow enemies away.

Ballistic Wall

Hold [Right Click] to deploy an energy shield that defends against attacks. Hold [E] to look around.


About the Exosuit

A heavy tank exosuit with formidable suppressive firepower. its arsenal can stop enemies in their tracks.

  • Role: Tank
  • Primary weapon: Mini Gun
  • Health: 900

K-40 Repulsor Minigun

Fires a minigun that suppresses enemies with overwhelming barrage firepower. Heats up with continuous fire, requiring periodic cooldown. Hold [Left Click] to fire.

Stunlock Missile

Fires homing missiles that paralyze on impact. Hold [Right Click] to lock onto targets, then release to fire.

Thruster Dash

Performs a boosting evade in a fixed direction. Use [W][A][S][D] to choose the direction. Press [Q] to perform this ability

Dome Shield

Deploys a protective dome shield that repulses small dinosaurs. Large dinosaurs will be stunned upon impact, but will break the shield. Press [E] to deploy the shield


Uses a laser to pinpoint a target then launches explosives to bombard the area. When fully charge, Press [Z] to activate, then press [Left Click] to launch the explosives.


Hold [Space Bar] after jumping to continue ascending for a short period of time.

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