Fallout 4 VR – Tips for Stability and Minimizing Crashes

Quick tips to address the most common crash causes in Fallout 4 VR.

The Most Common Crash Causes in Unmodded Fallout 4 VR

1) Never take all items, or store all junk. Just spam the trigger to do it one at a time.

2) Transfer settlement inventory at crafting stations, not a workbench. Only touch a workbench when required, save beforehand if it’s been a while.

3) If you have the Idiot Savant Perk and it triggers a few times during a crafting or cooking session, stop crafting and let the queued sound effect play. The more of these piled up in a queue, the more likely a crash will occur when you exit crafting.

4) Avoid late game instability and bloating of the save file by not dropping items all over the wasteland. Stick junk in dead NPC bodies so it gets removed from the game world.

Created by Bob Loblaw

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