The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog – How to Unlock Secret Eggman Battle

A little known secret in this game is the boss fight with Eggman. This guide will give you a step by step walkthrough to help you reach it.

Guide to Unlock Secret Eggman Battle


Many of you reading this guide have probably beat this game already and seemingly found every secret. But there remains one. Fighting Dr. Eggman is the true finale of “The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog”. And I will help you do it.


The first thing you have to do is play through the game normally, while making sure you take everyone’s orders. If you don’t get everyone, you’ll be locked out of the fight. After that, start a new game. When you reach Knuckles, try to take his order again.

This time, he’ll seem to remember and get mad. You can encourage him to punch the arcade machine again. Nothing else needs to be done until you reach the conductor car. There, you can get Knuckles to punch the controls.

When you do this, the train will speed up again, and crash into Eggman’s base. Once there, he will capture everyone except the player character, who must fight him to save the day. A few slaps will defeat him.


Now, you know how to reach the fight with the villain of the Sonic universe. If this doesn’t work, then sorry, you’ve got a defective copy. Skill issue.

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