Farm Manager 2018 – Making Money is Easy

Just want a relaxing experience without sweating over min-maxing and making spreadsheets to calculate yield? Me too. Well turns out the market in the game is more predictable than my morning, coffee-induced dump.

January 11th

Note: Credit goes to velvetystew42

Or a few days before or after. This is the time of the year you want to sell. Sell what? Anything, everything.

See, all the products of your farm, regardless of their average price, are all sold on the same market that entirely ignores things like seasons that impact prices in real life. Prices are at their highest, for every product, at the beginning of January. The increase and decrease trend of prices is linear, if you could see the market price across the whole year it’d be a very wide V. And the difference between high and low can be a factor of two.

Some things will expire too quickly for this to work in every instance, like tomatoes, but those things usually produce so frequently it doesn’t matter. And for a number of those things you can freeze or juice them and then sit on them until January.

Depending on what type of farm you’re building, your first year you may have to sell as you go. But once you get to a point where you can wait until January, you’ll make twice as much as you would have at harvest.

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