Farm Manager 2018 – The Cheesy Guide to Achievements and Campaign

A cheeky guide to Achievements and Campaign, with an extra helping of cheese made this morning fresh from the farm.

Achievements and Campaign Guide

Scenarios 1 to 14

Step 1: None of the tasks actually require you to GROW any of the produce, you can just buy them all. So set speed to 3, click the home, research ‘Training in Negotiation Skills’. Do nothing for 3 minutes, return and click ‘Training in Banking I’. Now go to the kitchen for 5 minutes and make a sandwich. Return and begin to learn ‘Banking II’, in the meanwhile please eat your sandwich.

Step 2: Once you have finished your training (and sandwich), take all loans. You should now have just under £2million. Use this money to buy all of the fields / produce / buildings / animals to meet whatever requirements are needed for that mission. The mission is now complete. This will cover around 9 missions.

Step 3: A couple of missions require things that are not for sale in the market and need to be manufactured such as honey / cheese / flours. But you can still buy the raw ingredients, so get them and build the relevant building and hire a couple of staff then wait in speed 3 until the required produce is made. This will cover you up to 14 of the scenario missions.

All that remains are 2 scenarios, “Let them Envy” and “Business Plan”. These require you to earn £2.5m and the final one a whopping £11m!

Scenario 15, Let Them Envy

Step 1: Repeat as above to get loaned up to the eyeballs.

Step 1.5: In the meanwhile, gather the things you will need. Fire all the staff and hire 2 good tractor drivers. Build 3 car-parks, 1 small vehicle storage. Buy 2 tractors, 2 ploughs, 2 cultivators, 2 precision seeders, 2 fertilizers, 2 sprayers, and 2 water sprinklers (the small sprinkler not the tanker). 1 worker house, 3-4 seasonal worker houses.

Step 2: Make 4 fields as big as possible (75×75). Start the plough / cultivate / fertilize / plant process, try to get 1 field growing as soon as possible, then concentrate on the rest. Plant cucumber on all 4 of them. (Also for this task you should complete the training in making building costs cheaper.)

Step 3: Hire 4 strong harvest workers, register them as field managers to each of your fields.

Step 4: Speed up until harvests start. Hire as many seasonal workers as can fit in the houses and build a few storage warehouses all over the place, close to all fields.

Step 5: Right before a crop becomes ready to harvest, remove that manager. Harvest the crops WITHOUT TRACTORS as these just make it slower. Auto-sell all produce.

Step 6: With around £2.5 million you should be able to buy all 4 required buildings and complete the mission.

Scenario 16, Business Plan

Step 1: Repeat all as above for the first year, but instead of 4 cucumber, plant 2 cucumber and 2 strawberry (the berries will mean you can get an early start harvesting in the second year).

Step 2: By the start of second year you should be swimming in money. Expand into 5 tractors, 5 tractor drivers, 4 ploughs, 4 cultivators, 3 precision seeders, 3 fertilizers, 3 sprayers, and 3 sprinklers. Make a further 12 fields of max size giving a total of 16. Plant 2 additional strawberry straight away for a total of 4, and 10 more cucumber for a total of 12. Hire 8 more workers and 2 houses for them, enough to allocate each field a manager. Also build 4 or 5 more seasonal worker houses. Do not forget to stock up on a few hundred litres of each type of spray. Upgrade all workers to skill level 5.

Step 3: Go into speed 3 until the first harvest is almost ready. Right before a crop becomes ready to harvest, remove the manager. Hire as many seasonal workers as can fit in the houses. Harvest the crops WITHOUT TRACTORS as these just make it slower. Auto-sell all produce. Upgrade the house.

Step 4: Ideally by the end of the second year you will have £10m and have completed the mission. You can sell everything if you need a couple extra £100,000’s to get over the line, or push through to a third year of farming if needed.

Spare Achievements

Most achievements will now already be met. For the remainder:

  • Plant crops on 30 tiny fields, un-ploughed, as small as possible.
  • Pause the game, buy and fill 34 bird houses, unpause and wait for them to build. Do not bother with staff, or food.
  • Enjoy the campaign mode fully and complete it with caring love and affection.
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