Fast Food Manager – Early Access Owner Achievement

The developer changed the Early Access achievement and I’m making a short guide on how to get it, for those who want to still 100% the game after the full relase.


Gladly the developer changed the early access achievement, for people like myself who found the game only after it being fully released and is therefore not able to get the sweet 100%.

The way he changed it so u need to find 4 numbers on the side of buildings and enter those in the phone booth at the subway station.

First Two Numbers

The first two numbers are right beside the coffee stand on the small building. Since I didn’t test if the numbers are random, I advise checking there yourself.

Last Two Numbers

Same thing as before just this time they are on the yellow building on the main street leading to the tall tower at the central plaza.

Where to Input

Lastly with all numbers in hand one goes to the phone booth, right click and insert the numbers collected. With that u now have completed the game on 100%. Congratulations!


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