Ready or Not – Guide to Performance and Optimization Issue Fix

Some fix method I come across that made RON run smooth again after the disastrous 1.0 release. This fix able to remove optimization, stutter, lag, performance and rendering issue.

How to Fix Performance and Optimization Issue

Ready or Not Performance, Optimization and Stuttering Fix for Early Access Player

Almost every Early Access player do encounter RoN performance issue upon 1.0 launch. Yet there is no reply nor answer from Dev. It took me weeks of searching and troubleshoot with every method I come across.

This 2 fix proven to work amazingly, I tested on myself and shared with few regular RoN player. The result was positive. It remove all the performance drop, lagness, rendering and optimization issue. Now we’re able to play and run RoN smooth just like back in Early Access day. Hopefully this guide could help you and do work wonder for everyone else too.

We’re require to do some tinkering on few location of our PC. So far my experiment and result based on DX11 and DX12 test run. For me it work better in DX12, some other claim DX11 work better for them, so do field test and see which work better for you accordingly (Strongly recommended DX12).

Issue No.1

Clashing of old and new files upon 1.0 release, even if we uninstall and reinstall Ready or Not upon but still couldn’t fix the issue.


This is because the local save files clashing with the new release game file, the logic went haywire thus the game can’t brain properly. Now everything do not render properly, command, files, logic cancel and clashing with each other. This land us to our current state; poor optimization and strange performance issue.

Fix No.1, please follow the step below.

Step 1

Go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ReadyOrNot

Step 2

Enable Show Hidden View and proceed to delete everything inside ReadyOrNot folder (Do backup first in case).

Step 3

Verified RoN (It gonna take longer than usual esp at 97%-99%, so no worry and do wait)

Step 4

  • Go to Steam Library> Ready or Not> Launch from Library>
  • Select you prefer launch choices and enable it (Test both DX11 and 12)>
  • Upon done testing preset the prefer launch option.

Note: DX12 work great with me and almost everyone. Provide stable performance and FPS. There are few exception on older gen GPU where some claim DX11 work better for them.

Step 5

Upon in game menu, please do setup everything again; from your option and in game profile. Basically everything, because we starting from scratch again this is due to our clearing and deleted the local RON folder.

Issue No.2

The game now automatically record our gameplay in REPLAY, so now our PC had been silently added extra workload. This somehow does taxed the lower end CPU and made the CPU to carry extra workload. Not to mention the recorded replay files took quite some storage too if let unchecked over the time, Mine was accumulated up to 3gb rubbish by the time I discover this.

Fix No.2, please follow the step below.

Step 1

  • Go to your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ReadyOrNot\Saved\Demos
  • Delete all the useless recorded REPLAY gameplay in the folder.

Step 2

Optional but I strongly do recommend disable it. If you still wanted the game automatically record your gameplay and make your CPU work behind the scene, ignore this following step.

Mouse 2 or right click at:

  • Demos Folder>Properties>Security>Deny everything except Special Permission.

Now recording can’t access the folder and will stop record Replay and wasting our storage.

Hope my guide is able to help anyone that encounter performance and optimization issue.

Good luck and see you guys in Los Suenos!

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