Field of Glory II – Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements (No DLC)


Battle Winner

  • You won your first battle!


  • Won a campaign

Epic Campaigner

  • Won a 15 battle campaign

The first two achievements are rather self explanatory, however there aren’t many campaigns that last 15 scenarios – you may want to download (upper left of campaign screen) Hamilcar Barca campaign (long) (not to be confused with already available Hannibal Barca).

Tip for scenario 15: Take rear guard battle option and hide in trees, or if you’re feeling cocky you can take the other option.

Here’s a couple achievements you’ll probably get while campaigning:


  • Made an enemy unit autodrop cohesion from a flank charge

Extremely easy, just try to flank units and it’ll happen eventually


  • Killed an enemy C-in-C

Same thing as above, try to attack and kill enemy main commander, especially if he is a foot unit


  • Rallied a routing unit with a general

When your unit starts routing, if you have a general in range of it, you’ll have an option to move general to the routing unit if you click on it, most of the time you’ll get it on the first try.


  • Made a unit drop cohesion from artillery fire

Actually it doesn’t have to be artillery, I got it from javelinmen shooting, just focus everyone of your shooters at one unit and it’ll drop cohesion pretty fast

Elephant Bane

  • Routed enemy elephants by shooting

I think you only have 2 scenarios in which enemy has elephants, just focus your shooters on it, especially if it earlier survived your infantry’s attack without dropping cohesion.


  • Suffered a double cohesion drop which could only occur on a roll of snake eyes

Cohesion drops are decided by dice rolls and some other modifiers, esentially it’s your dices getting 2×1 and dropping two cohesion levels, which seems more common than the other one


  • Passed a cohesion test when only double six would have passed

Honestly I’m stumped, I didn’t get it in scenarios, then tried custom scencarios with a ton of random units, didn’t work either, tried map editor with various levels of being surrounded, still nothing. If you don’t get it while playing normally, I can’t really help you at this point.

Below are a couple achievements that are specific scenario/difficulty based. From my experience, difficulty barely matters between all levels, it just seems to give slightly better odds to AI units, I’ve played most of the campaign on Deity without really noticing. Regarding scenario-specific ones, there’s an option called custom battle in Battle menu, you can set specific army vs specific army, while minimising units enemy can bring to the table by getting into advanced options at the bottom, and zeroing his point count, while increasing yours. You may get stuff like Elephant shooting achievement here as well, by putting for example, Scythians vs some Indian civ I believe (or whatever else that uses elephants, it’ll probably be in the description.


  • Won a battle with Romans on at least Legate difficulty

I’m not sure if you need to keep the difficulty during the entire battle or not, but as I said, it barely matters either way

Freedom Fighter

  • Won a battle against Romans on at least Legate difficulty

See below.


  • Won a battle with a Slave Revolt army against Romans

You may want to combine these 2 scenarios, it’s a very weak army vs fairly strong one, but if you use the point manipulation in custom battle menu, you probably won’t have a problem.


  • Won a battle with a pike army on at least Legate difficulty

I’m not sure if I got it from tutorial or Hamilcar Barca (or first two scenarios of Hannibal), but if you don’t get it from these, look at civ descriptions and try to find something that fits (I imagine british

Horse Lord

  • Won a battle with a cavalry army on at least Legate difficulty

You can probably get it while chasing Elephant Bane with Scytians, otherwise just use them for any other battle.


  • Won a battle on Emperor difficulty

See below.


  • Won a battle on Deity difficulty

I didn’t check in time if you can just change difficulty before battle ends (at near 40%/60% losses), but if it counts, it’ll probably be the easiest way. Otherwise change difficulty while doing campaign missions and it’ll count.

Multiplayer Achievements


  • Created a Multiplayer challenge

I don’t remember if it needs a specific scenario (if it does, use Editor in main menu to create an empty scenario), otherwise go through multiplayer screen to put your challenge in the lobby, you can immediately take it down after getting the achievement.

Good Loser

  • Fought a losing Multiplayer battle to completion without conceding

I imagine it can be done by just setting losing victory conditions and doing nothing (i. e. Rear Guard scenario type), skipping turns


  • Won a Multiplayer battle

If you do it with someone else, you may want to switch roles from the previous scenario so that he gets Good Loser, and you get a Victor.

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