STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection – Actually Hosting a Dedicated Server

For some reason, this game offers the option to host a dedicated server, but the developers forgot to tell the user anywhere which ports you need to forward to actually allow players to connect.

Dedicated Server Ports

Note: Credit goes to The Guy

Preface (Annoyance with the Game)

To answer the question of which, I had to go to mundane lengths to check. A couple minutes with netstat and process monitor later and we discovered the answer!

The Answer (Which Ports to Forward)

You must port forward ports 5055 and 5056 for players to be able to connect to your dedicated server.

Additionally, to host a dedicated server, and personally play on it, you will need a second account which owns the game, as there is not a dedicated server program, or way to boot the game without the steam api locking your account.

Portforwarding for Windows Server

Many hours of testing with procmon and wireshark let to the following configuration which works pefectly.

To prevent players getting timeout after connecting allow connectiong through the following ports (windows defender firewall AND IF PRESENT your external firewall, aswell if youre hosting from home your router):

  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443
  • UDP 5055
  • UDP 5056
  • UDP 56259
  • UDP 56752

This configuration was tested on Windows Server 2022 Standard.

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