FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – How to Get 8000 Points on Ocean Fishing

Tips for Getting 8000 Points on Ocean Fishing

Elasmosaurus and Sothis lures: are they worth it?

Elasmosaurus and Sothis are worth a lot of points, but typically speaking, you’re going to be sacrificing a lot of points to try and catch them (with limited success, they’re ‘fabled’ fish for a reason) and other high point fish are not going to show up on the route.

If 8000 points is the goal, you’d be better off looking at Lulu’s Tools and finding a scheduled route that has non-blue high point fish available. These are typically doing to be in the lower half of the window, which means they are available during the spectral current. What you want to see is:

  • How many points a fish is (marked in red on my screenshot)
  • How many fish you can get with double or triple hook (marked in green on my screenshot)

During the spectral current, switch to the bait indicated for your desired fish, toggle the ‘bite time’ menu to select for the bait you will be using (see my second screenshot), and then use the bite time to filter for your desired fish. Usually, you’ll be able to isolate by bite and use your double/triple hook to get the fish you want, which can be 1000+ points if done correctly.

The macro I use for separating bite times is below (courtesy of fishcord) and replaces your usual ‘cast’ button. This isn’t idealized for ocean fishing times as usually bite times will be much shorter during the spectral current, it’s more for generalized big fishing, but it’ll work well enough.

/macroicon "Cast"
/ac "Cast" <me>
/echo Cast Countdown started <wait.5>
/echo 5 <wait.2>
/echo .7 <wait.3>
/echo ..10 <wait.2>
/echo ..12 <wait.4>
/echo ...16 <wait.2>
/echo ...18 <wait.2>
/echo ....20 <wait.3>
/echo ....23 <wait.2>
/echo .....25 <wait.3>
/echo .....28 <wait.4>
/echo ......32 <wait.6>
/echo .......38

All of that to say, it’s not the ‘big’ fish that’ll help you get your 8k points, but they are fun. If you want to buy bait for sothis and elasmo after all of that, you can find glowworms for sothis at the fieldcraft vendor (purchase items tab), and heavy steel jigs can either be crafted or purchased off the marketboard.

Note: You do get a +10% bonus on your final score if you catch one of the legendary fish, so it would not hurt to carry the bait for the legendary fish that appears on your route just in case you meet their Intuition requirements by accident. But emergencee is correct that you would ultimately be missing out on a higher score if you try to trigger the Intuition buff instead of just aiming for the most valuable normal fish.

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