Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – How to Trade Easy

Here you can find the best trade i’ve discovered right now.

Easy Trade Guide

Best Trade

  • Diamond – Buy Werne – Sell Treefolk
  • Pearl, crystal ore, pink coral – Buy Hisshan & Twinhorne – Sell Treefolk
  • Chen rock tea – Buy Werne – Sell Hisshan
  • Perfume – Buy Treefolk – Sell Twinhorne
  • HSB Egg – Buy Hisshan, Twinhorne, & Werne – Sell Treefolk
  • Rug – Buy Twinhorne – Sell Werne

Tip: More easy if you already can teleport


  • Go Werne Village
  • Buy – Chen Rock Tea, HSB Egg, Diamond
  • Go Twinhorne
  • Buy – Pearl, Crystal Ore, Pink Coral, HSB Egg
  • Go Hisshan
  • Buy – Pearl, Crystal Ore, Pink Coral, HSB Egg
  • Sell – Chen Rock Tea
  • Go TreeFolk
  • Sell – Diamond, Pearl, Crystal Ore, Pink Coral, HSB Egg

Well thats all i can say but if you still more profit you can continue with:

  • Buy – Perfume
  • Go Twinhorne
  • Buy- Rug
  • Sell – Perfume
  • Go Werne Village
  • Sell – Rug

Stock reset maybe per 1 hour so you can do it again until you become the rich player.

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