Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – How to Beat Night 6

Guide to Beat Night 6


  1. Try to ignore as many ghosts as possible:

Phantom Freddy

As you see him coming, use the camera until he goes away, obviously take advantage of spotting springtrap, or if you are in the maintenance panel repair what is broken: in fnaf 3 every second can make the difference.

Phantom Balloon Boy

As you see his face in the camera you just need to change the room number or remove the panel.

Phantom Foxy

If you are very careful you can see his arm and to avoid it go to the panel by opening and closing it to make him go away.

Phantom Chica

You can see her in room 7, to avoid her just be super fast and change rooms (removing the panel in this case could be dangerous).

Phantom Puppet

You can see her in room 8, to avoid her just be super fast and change rooms (removing the panel in this case could be dangerous).

  1. Obviously locates springtrap, it usually spawns in chamber 10, but can also spawn in chambers 9, 8 and 7.
  2. If your ventilation breaks don’t be hasty to fix it, because springtrap could be about to take a step towards you (so only repair when the office becomes completely dark).
  3. If the cameras are broken and you feel that springtrap is in a certain room, try to make an audio in the desired room, if you see a lot of interference (it works even when the cameras have stopped working) it means that your audio was successful! but then get moving and fix the cameras.
  4. When the audio breaks the only thing you have to worry about is seeing if springtrap goes into the ducts, after all you can’t do anything else.
  5. Play with headphones of course. Hearing duct noises in this case always makes a difference.
  6. Possibly keep springtrap in chamber 6/5, keeping chamber 5 duct closed.
  7. Don’t keep it too much in room 10 and 9, it seems like a good tactic for the first nights, but on night 5/6 springtrap doesn’t care because when it makes video errors it has the ability to go into the ducts of room 9 or 10, which are fatal for the process of the Night.


  • This guide is also compatible with night 6 + aggressive mode, but you have to be very fast in doing everything (the real difficulty in the game is in night 6 + aggressive mode).
  • Obviously don’t expect to do everything on the first try, but little by little by learning the game well you will understand it perfectly, it’s the usual vicious circle in the end.
  • Good luck with everything guys and I hope I’ve been of some help!
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