Ghostrunner 2 – One-Star Man Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the One-Star Man Achievement / Trophy

One-Star Man
Kill 3 enemies with a single shuriken without using the environment

For this one, you’ll want to use the Distributed Energy upgrade chip so you can throw three shurikens at once.

If you have the Rooting upgrade chip, I would also recommend putting Distributed Energy in a motherboard column with two or fewer upgrades, so that your other shuriken upgrades such as Tracking System will apply to all three shurikens.

There are a lot of places this can be done, but it’s easiest in one of the first rooms of Uninvited Guests, where there are three enemies that only have melee attacks.

Note that shurikens still won’t pierce through enemies, so you’ll want to make sure to get all three of them side-by-side.

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