Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 – Night’s 1-6 Guide

Welcome to my Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4 Tutorial!

Here you will find information on how to beat nights 1 through 6.

FNaF 4 is 100% the hardest of the series, so I am providing you will a guide on beating the first 6 nights, I will update the guide once I beat 7 and 8.

Night 1

The first night is the easiest. It consists of NM Bonnie, NM Chica and NM Freddy

NM Chica and NM Bonnie can be dealt with by checking the left and right doors. Every time you go to a door, wait 3-4 seconds. You may hear a breathing like sound, if so, shut the door and wait to hear footsteps. Once the animatronic has left, shine your light and go to the next door. If there is no breathing, shine your light and next door. NEVER EVER shine your light in a hallway if you hear breahting, your run WILL end! NM Freddy has “Freddles” That will slowly Multiply on your bed. Shine your light to get rid of them, if 3 sit on the bed for a while, NM Freddy will end your run.

When you start the Night, Load in the Bed and the left door. Listen. Then go to your left door, listen. Check your bed. Do not worry about the closet just yet, as I will cover it for Night 2. Repeat this pattern and you should be victorious; Left door, Right door, Bed, repeat.

If all is done correctly, welcome to Night 2.

Night 2

Consists of NM Freddy, NM Bonnie, NM Chica, and introduces NM Foxy.

NM Foxy will go to each hallway trying to enter your closet. When he moves you will hear a faint sprinting sound, follow it to prevent him from entering your room, as once he enters he will not leave and will require you to check on him over and over. If he enters your closet, he has FOUR stages. Stage 1 is plushy. Stage 2 is standing. Stage 3 is crouched, and Stage 4 is sticking his ugly yella nose out of your closet. Hold the closet shut, and he will slowly go down a stage.

To start the night, load in the bed, and left door. Repeat night 1, but be VERY cautious. Then, use this pattern; Left door, Right Door, Bed, Closet. The aniamtronics are now more aggressive too. And try to make sure foxy doesn’t enter, it isn’t a must though.

Night 3

Same everything as night 2, animatronics are more aggressive.

Night 4

Same as night 3, animatronics are more aggressive.

Night 5

Night 5 consists of Nightmare Fredbear, your only opponent. NM Fredbear will pitter patter around the house, listen for what direction it goes to. Do not bother with breathing, when you check a door flash your light and see if he is there. If so, shut the door until you hear a pItTeR pAtTeR. When he laughs, stop. If there is no pitty patty just before, while he laughs or after, check your bed and closet. If you do though, continue checking. When he is at your bed, shine your light until he goes. When he is at your closet, close it. Do not bother checking the bed or closet unless he laughs. That is the entire night strategy.

Night 6

Identical to Night 4, use the pattern of Left door, Right door, Bed, Closet. However, at 4AM all opponents will go away and be replaced by NM Fredbear, he is the same but just more aggressive, that is it.

Conclusion: I hope you enjoyed this guide and it really helps. The biggest thing about it is the PATTERNS. You can INSTANTLY get better with a good pattern. Good night, morning, balls, sugondeez, bye!

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