Cyberpunk 2077 – Comprehensive List of All Iconic Weapons and Cyberware

This is a comprehensive guide on getting all Iconic weapons and cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077.


Main Missions

The Pickup:

  • Chaos (cannot get in the same playthrough as Doom Doom)
    • Obtained by killing Royce

The Heist:

  • Kongou
    • Found by Yorinobu’s bed
  • Satori
    • After T-Bug unlocks the doors, go up the stairs in Yorinobu’s apartment and it will be in Saburo’s AV

Automatic Love:

  • Lizzie
    • Found in the office across from Judy’s office
  • Cocktail Stick
    • Found in a make-up room in clouds

The Space in Between:

  • Cottonmouth
    • Found in Finger’s Bedroom

M’ap Tann Pèlen:

  • Butchers Clever
    • Can be picked up once Placide puts it down and walks away

Ghost Town:

  • Widow Maker
    • Obtained by looting it off of Nash after choosing to fight alongside Panam

Gimme Danger:

  • Prototype Shingen: Mark V
    • found in shipping container 667, in the warehouse’s loading bay

Play it Safe:

  • Genjiroh
    • behind a closed door on the way to the second sniper
  • Jinchu-Maru
    • Dropped by Oda

For Whom the Bell Tolls:

  • Prejudice
    • picked up behind the bar in the Afterlife

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door:

  • Pride
    • collected close to where Adam Smasher kills a character of note
  • Caretaker’s Spade
    • found by a tree near the conference table

We Gotta Live Together:

  • Amnesty
    • Acquired by completing Cassidy’s bottle shooting challenge at the Nomad party

Side Missions

Venus in Furs (must side with Militech in The Pickup mission):

  • Sir John Phallustiff
    • On the bed in the hotel room

Stadium Love:

  • Divided We Stand
    • Picked up after winning the shooting game

A Like Supreme:

  • Archangel
    • Given by Kerry after the Samurai reunion concert

Following the River:

  • Crash
    • Given by River

Second Conflict:

  • Doom Doom (cannot get in the same playthrough as chaos)
    • Looted off of Dum Dum’s body (I’ve heard this is a random drop but I cannot confirm)
  • Gold-Plated Baseball Bat
    • Can be found in the pool at Denny’s villa, after the argument

Losing my Religion:

  • Fenrir
    • Can be found on a table near the monk you need to rescue

Concrete Cage Trap:

  • Hypercritical
    • found once you’ve gotten to Tiny Mike in the bathroom

Chippin’ In:

  • Malorian Arms 3516
    • Can be obtained from Grayson


  • Death and Taxes (Can be picked up from Judy’s apartment if not obtained in this mission)
    • Found in Maiko’s office

Pyramid Song:

  • Mox
    • Given by Judy if you share a romantic relationship with her or if Judy decides to leave Night City.
      It can be found in her apartment after she gives you access to it.

Beat on the Brat Champion of Arroyo:

  • O ‘Five
    • Can be collected after neutralizing Buck

Riders on the Storm:

  • Overwatch
    • obtained as a reward for saving Saul
  • Problem Solver
    • found on the large enemy guarding the Wraith camp’s front entrance

War Pigs (must have Corpo background):

  • Apparition
    • Looted off of Frank’s body

Machine Gun:

  • Skippy
    • found on the ground at the beginning of the side job

Big in Japan:

  • Scalpel
    • obtained as a reward for completing the mission

I’ll Fly Away:

  • Stinger
    • obtained as a reward for completing the mission

The Hunt:

  • Tinker Bell
    • found inside the hidden room in Peter Pan’s farmhouse


  • Tsumetogi
    • looted from the room you meet Maiko and the Tyger Claw bosses

Send in the Clowns:

  • Ozob’s Nose (Crafting Spec)
    • obtained as a reward for completing the mission


(Require Greese Monkey or Artisan Edgerunner perks respectively)

  • Buzzsaw (loot the spec from the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Northside))
  • Moron Labe (loot the spec from the leader in suspected organized crime activity in West Wind Estate)
  • Psalm 11:6 (loot the spec from leader of suspected organized crime activity in Northside)
  • Sovereign (loot the spec from the suspected organized crime activity leader in Japantown)
  • Headsman (loot the spec from the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in North Oak)
  • Breakthrough (loot the spec from the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Rancho Coronado))
  • Comrade’s Hammer (loot the spec from the leader in Suspected Organize Crime Activity in Arroyo)
  • Ba Xing Chong (loot the spec from Adam Smasher’s Vault on the Ebunike)
  • Yinglong (loot the spec from the leader of organized crime activity in Wellsprings)

After Completing All Character Gigs

  • Bloody Maria (El Capitan)
  • Seraph (Padre)
  • Byakko (Wakkako)

Found Throughout the World

  • Guts: Found in Corpo plaza Park
  • La Chingona Dorada: Found on Jackie’s offering table after completing Heroes side mission
  • Plan B (after completing Playing for Time): Found where Dex Shoots V in the badlands

Bought from Vendors

  • Dying Night (Gun vendor outside V’s Apartment)
  • Blue Fang (Knife Vendor out in the Badlands)
  • Headhunter (melee weapon vendor in Pacifica, West Wind State)


Bought from Rippers

  • Fuyutsui Tinkerer MK.3 (Pacifica Ripper)
  • Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan MK.5 (Wellsprings Ripper)
  • Netwatch Netdriver MK.5 (Wellsprings Ripper)
  • Militech Berserk MK.5 (Charter Hill Ripper)
  • Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 (Charter Hill Ripper)
  • Qiant “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan MK.5 (Downtown Ripper)
  • Zetatech Berserk MK.5 (Kakbuki 2 Ripper)

Comprehensive Video on all iconic and legendary Cyberware:

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